Supplanting Chemotherapy in Cancer Treatment-Clay Siegall

Inspirery interview illuminates into the professional life of Clay Siegall since the founding of Seattle Genetic in 1998. Dr, Clay as the founder and CEO of Seattle genetics focuses on production and distribution of targeted therapy drugs for ailments that for a long time have not improved concerning mortality rate. As a BSC graduate in Zoology from The University of Maryland as well as a Ph.D in genetics, Siegall has competently led the biotech firm to the top of therapy industry.

Seattle Genetics is on record to be the first firm in the industry to develop the first antibody-drug conjugate approved by FDA. According to Dr. Clay obtaining FDA approval is not only a long process but also expensive. He mentions that usually, only one out of ten proposed drugs gets approval thus a company has to take care of all the other associating expenses of the remaining drugs. Despite his original interest in medicine, Siegall mentions that the interest was established after a family member fell sick.

Siegall Genetics makes money through selling their proprietary drugs as well as from production partnerships and technology licensing. Clay Siegall points out hard work and good sales strategies to the success of the company.

Clay Siegall has over thirty years experience in the therapy industry where he specializes in cancer treatment. The father’s death when he was 24 years led to his decision and focus on finding other modes of treatment other than chemotherapy. Dr. Siegall performance and growth to the apex of the therapy industry is attributed not only to his solid science background in college but also twenty years experience in therapeutic drug development. Before the existence of Siegall Genetics, Clay worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute as a scientist and research investigator.

Currently, he serves in various companies. He is the director of Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc, director at Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc, director of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association, and sits on the board of directors at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance. Besides, Dr. Siegall is an author with over seventy publications and 15 patents. The scientist, author, and entrepreneur believes that people do not differ in intellect but work habits that determine success.

George Soros Makes Shocking Donation To Charity That Stuns the World

George Soros has just made a move that stunned the world. The extent of his philanthropy was well known until now, but not everyone expected that he would make such a large donation, which was on the scale of the likes that are rarely seen. George Soros has gone ahead and donated eighteen billion dollars to charity by transferring his own personal money to the Open Society Foundations, a charitable organization that George Soros founded and which is well known for its work in promoting good and freedom around the world.

George Soros grew up in Hungary, where he was born. He suffered under the Nazi occupation. His family managed to survive by faking papers documents of themselves to hide the fact that they were Jewish. George Soros and his family also helped other families survive by doing the same thing. George Soros moved to London during the time that Hungary was occupied by the Communists. He studied at the London School of Economics. During his time there, he took on various jobs at night to help pay for his studies. George Soros moved to America nine years later. He got started in the financial sector and soon became very successful on Wall Street. He started Soros Fund Management and became one of the most profitable and largest investors in the United States.

Because of his time under Nazi oppression, George Soros knows what it feels like to live as the poor and oppressed do. That is one reason why he has a special empathy for them. He wants to help them out in any way that he could. That is the reason he started Open Society Foundations. He based the name on the title of Karl Popper’s book, Open Societies and Their Enemies. According to Karl Popper, freedom democracy are the most important things, and you can not force any one ideology or philosophy on people because there is no one ideology that is the one truth. George Soros created the Open Society Foundations to help protect democracy, freedom, and an open society, hence the name.

The Open Society Foundations focus on fighting hate, hate crimes, fascist governments, authoritative governments, abuses of power by police and other officials, and discrimination. They are especially concerned about discrimination against minorities and people of the LGBT community, who are often pushed to the sidelines. The Open Society Foundation has helped fund treatment for those who suffered during the Ebola outbreak. It has helped fund the education for thousands of students who could not afford an education on their own.

George Soros is expected to donate another two billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations in the coming few years. He has already donated over thirty two billion dollars in his lifetime. Besides the eighteen billion dollars he just donated, which he donated as part of estate planning, George Soros has been donating eight or nine hundred million dollars a year to the Open Society Foundations. It is the second largest such organization in the US now. and more information click here

Greg Secker’s Advancement in Foreign Exchange Business

Greg Secker is a renowned entrepreneur, a passionate philanthropist, master trader and an internationally respected INT’L speaker. Greg Secker lives in Norfolk, one of England’s most prestigious cities. He had the privilege to attend the University of Nottingham where he studied Agriculture and Food Science for his bachelor’s degree. Greg Secker owns one of the largest foreign exchange firms and he’s known to have collaborated with various charitable organizations to offer help to the needy. After his college studies, Greg Secker joined Thomas Cook Financial Services where he started to practice his career. After serving for a while at the company, he transferred to Virtual Trading Desk where he participated actively in the growth of the foreign exchange business that the company deals in.

His successful accomplishments began to surface when he earned himself a leadership position at Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the company’s Deputy President. These experiences prepared his steps for his future entrepreneurial ventures. Following the establishment of Learn to Trade, Greg Secker has managed to educate millions of people about currency trade through workshops and forums. His company’s incredible performance has attracted many accolades including London Excellence Awards, Best Educator, 2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards and much more.

Another thing to notice is commitments in giving back to the society and has been recognized as Top 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs. Moreover, his charitable organization, Greg Secker Foundation has greatly changed the livelihoods of the underprivileged in various communities within the United Kingdom.

In one of the recently published articles, Greg Secker has expressed his views of foreign exchange trading. He has advised entrepreneurs to venture into Forex trading because of the simplicity involved in running the business and the benefits that it tags along. According to Greg Secker, the knowledge of currency rates and their demands in the market is everything in foreign exchange business. With this strategy in mind, most people have excelled in the business with huge profit turnovers.

Some of the advantages of operating foreign exchange business are the ease of starting the business and the flexibilities involved. The business owners don’t have to employ staff members but invest in fast internet connections that can be accessed even with mobile phone apps. With all these, Greg Secker assures entrepreneurs of successful Forex business operations.

Securus Technologies, a Leader in Criminal Justice Solutions

There are quite a few providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions, and Securus Technologies stands out in this field. A considerable number of correctional facilities are increasingly embracing technology to solve and prevent crimes. The Chief Executive Officer for Securus states that they develop a new product almost weekly that helps solve and prevent crimes. Because of this, they have received a lot of messages from people who have benefited from their products showing appreciation of the services they provide.


I will sample some of the comments and emails received. A corrupt official was recently apprehended because of the assistance authorities got from Securus technology. Securus was able to provide phone call records which made it possible to obtain a warrant to arrest the official. In another facility, monitoring calls exposed alcohol use and drug selling in the facility. Other crimes were also exposed here, including money transfer and an incident involving shots in the facility. All this would go undetected without the monitoring technology of Securus Technologies.


Technologies developed by the company were also cited as the reason for the improved security posture in some facilities. The reporting data has improved their agencies ability to combat circulation of contraband in different institutions. One of the most famous cases that Securus helped to solve was when an inmate was coaching his sibling on what to say when questioned about a recent shooting. This information went a long way in solving the case easily.


The LBS services offered by Securus Technologies along with other resources helped a Sherriff’s department recover millions of illegal assets, drugs, and cash. Without the LBS it would have been impossible to retrieve the items. The LBS has been attributed to setting Securus Technologies apart from other players in the industry, making it the leading jail phone provider.


Dr. Mark McKenna, Head Man At OVME Tells His Story

Dr. Mark McKenna is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and received a medical degree from his hometown Tulane University. After leaving Tulane, Dr. Mckenna practiced medicine alongside his father while at the same starting a small real estate company which he named Mckenna Venture Investments.

Dr. Mckenna went on to start a series of small businesses while continuing to practice medicine, earning for himself the moniker Doctorpreneur. In November of 2007, Dr. Mckenna moved to Atlanta Georgia and launched his brainchild ShapeMed. A medical practice that focuses on aesthetics in addition to sound health. Ten years and a series of key business maneuvers later, Dr. Mckenna would become founder and CEO of OVME. OVME is a technology-based company dealing in medical aesthetics that seeks to revolutionize the elective healthcare industry.

Recently Dr. McKenna took a moment to provide some insight into his Doctorpreneur journey.

From Where Did The OVME Idea Originate

I had been working in the medical aesthetics industry in one capacity or another for over a decade. I grew a start-up to be one of the largest practice of its kind in America and sold it to a larger publicly traded company. Along the way, I eyed many opportunities to cause disruption in the industry.

What Is A Typical Day For You And How Do You Make It Public

I get out of bed at 6:30. I get my daughter out of bed and make the two of us a quick breakfast. We let mommy sleep in. I usually get to the office around 8:00. I work until 6:00 then hurry home for my evening meal. I have Jiu-Jitsu training in the evenings. I work more at night before going to sleep.

What Is A Habit You Have That Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

I read non-stop.

If You Were To Start Over What Would You Change

I would have found my passion at a younger age. I only needed to take the time. I was always in such a rush. A rush to finish school, A rush to start a practice. Looking back I can see that I rushed a few things.

What Is One Strategy That Has Helped You In Business

I always surround myself with people smarter than myself.

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Australia equities first holdigs new offices

When equities first holdings decided to locate their offices in level 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria. Many clients had a smile on their faces because this new office was easy to locate and access from any point from the street of Melbourne. Also, those clients who were saying that it takes longer for them to be served now are happy because of the space that this new office has as they can be helped fast by the increased number of workers who are there. There used to be operations which were not taking place in that other offices but now are offered here, and clients do not have to travel to head office for those services. if you want to know more about equities first holdings, you can call +61 3 8688 7191 you can get help from our customer care who are working all around the clock to help you. This time in Melbourne equities first holdings gives you a lifetime services.

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Rocketship Education – “RSED” – And Its Founder Preston Smith

Rocketship Education is a nexus of charter schools – public schools created by parents and educators that don’t have to adhere to nearby education boards that place rules on how they can operate – with eighteen physical facilities located across the United States of America.

Preston Smith created this top-tier organization in 2007 with some assistance from a business partner named John Danner that is no longer with the nationwide chain.

Rocketship Education has some of the nicest schools in low-income parts of big cities, even though most of them are usually bad in the areas they set up shop in.

There are more than 3,800 students that go to Rocketship – called Rocketeers by those involved with the school – across their 18 locations. Some are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with twelve other schools being located in the Golden State.

Tennessee and the nation’s capital are the other two places where their facilities can be located, with a combined total of five schools between the two states.

Smith has brushed up his educational and administrative skills throughout the decade-plus that he has been at Rocketship Education. He wrote a piece online about things he thought were important for people in education to know about.

Teachers need to visit the homes of living places of students and their families. Seeing as every student has personalized learning lessons created for them every single day at school, it’s important to understand their personal lives as well as their strengths and deficiencies in school.

Rocketship Education makes sure to tell its students that they should be happy about being enrolled in one of the best chains of public schools in America. Preston Smith has worked for 16-plus years to make sure that the system worked its way to the top of the industry, something it’s snatched the title of first place for in the past few weeks.

Preston Smith and John Danner are also known as pioneers of personalized education that takes place with technological devices modified to help them learn more.

Karl Heideck on Salary History Law in Philadelphia

The employee’s salary disclosure law which was passed in the city of Philadelphia is one of the most talked about laws to be passed in the recent past. The law which was enacted at the beginning of 2017 has been the talk of the town for some time now. The law ban potential employers from accessing the salary history of a potential employee. Philadelphia was to become the first city in the United States to pass such a law. According to a leading lawyer in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck, the law was seen as controversial initially since many employers perceived it as a measure by the state to prevent them from getting access to the information of the person they would like to hire. The law, however, received a lot of support from workers unions. According to workers unions, the law was put in place as a measure that would protect employees’ right to privacy while at the same time creating a tradition of transparency that for a long time have been missing from the hiring processes.

In one of his blog articles, Karl Heideck explained the entire law and the reasons why it was passed. According to him, the law was passed as a measure to address a discriminatory behavior that was in the hiring process for a long time. There existed a gap between the pay for men and women in the same profession. Women were usually offered a lesser pay than their male counterparts. Many employers were only willing to add a particular percentage of the previous salaries of women in the State. The increase used to be less than the one offered to men. According to statistics, more men have the advantage of starting jobs at a higher pay than their female colleagues for the same job description.

It has been a tradition of the employers to ask about the amount that a potential employee used to receive in the previous job. Applicants who refused to reveal their earlier pay were deemed to have not met the required qualifications for being offered a job opportunity.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a legal services provider in Philadelphia. He is one of the best lawyers from the region. He holds a Juris Doctor from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University. He graduated in 2009. Apart from being a lawyer, he is one of the best legal commentators of our time. He runs a blog that he uses to educate the masses on various laws that are passed the implications that they have. For more info about us: click here.

Karl Heideck also holds a BA from the Swarthmore College. Before going into private practice, he worked for two major law firms in the region.

Karl Heideck Writes About Pennsylvania’s Improved Car Seat Law

In Pennsylvania, there is a new car seat law that has been activated in August 2017. The rule was first passed in August 2016, but drivers and car owners were given a grace period of one year for them to be to comply with the regulations. The law came after concerns that road carnage was one of the main causes of death among the children. There was a need for the issue to be addressed. One of the measures that legislators in the state thought as step forward in eradicating this menace was to pass a law that would make it mandatory for all car owners to comply with certain safety measures when they are carrying their children. The only way to deal with this issue was to put it in the records so that it was no longer an option but mandatory to have special seats for children. This was one the steps that the state is taking to counter the trend.

According to the new law, it is mandatory that for children less than two years, they should have special seats that are facing towards the rear if the car. Such a seat would put the safety of the child first. The child should also be fastened to the seat to secure them further, according to research done, it is likely for a child to break bones when facing backward than when facing to the front of the car.

The law also recommends that for children who are less than eight years, they should have special booster seats. However, for these children, there is an exception. For children who weigh more than 80 pounds or those taller than 4’9, they are exempted from complying with these laws. The traffic Marshalls have for the last one year been asking motorists to comply with the law without charging any fine. However, after the grace period was over. Motorists who have not been complying with the law are being charged $125 for children of below two years cases and $75 for children of less than eight years.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is practicing lawyer in Pennsylvania. He went to Temple University Beasley School of law. This is where he earned his Juris Doctor. He also holds a degree in English from the Swarthmore College. Karl Heideck specializes in civil litigation, intellectual property law, employment law, corporate law, and legal research and writing. Karl Heideck has been a practicing attorney for more than a decade now. His offices are based in Philadelphia.

Recently Karl Heideck has been dealing with bank frauds and other securities cases. Banks cases are one of his main strengths.

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My financial Freedom
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Freedom Debt Relief is a true-life saver and it has helped me immensely. I didn’t have to meet my clients any more, if any sort of bill would come to my house, all I had to do was inform FDR and they would take it up on themselves to clear it without me paying any heed to it. Freedom Debt Relief takes matter into its own hands, providing us with immense assistance and relief.

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