Drew Madden Establishes Strong Platforms for Medical Sector

Drew Madden is a prominent entrepreneur who works for the IT sector. He specializes in assisting health care practitioners in finding modern technology to use in hospitals. As a leader, he has ensured that he works with calibres that have professional training in company culture, client relationships and unique leadership skills. Drew has been in the industry for far too long to understand the vitality of coming up with important consulting structures.



Drew has vast experience in the field he deals with. He has mastered the culture of assisting leaders to become better at their professions. As a passionate leader who works for the medical industry under IT, he has been creating entrepreneurial networks for health and fitness measures. Drew was once employed by Nordic Consulting Partners. He served as the president for over four years. Between 2011 and 2016, he garnered vast experience as an entrepreneur. Drew Madden has been receiving positive feedback regarding his input in the health sector.

Leadership skills

At Nordic, Drew Madden managed to grow the business to a leading consulting firm. The firm was honoured in numerous aspects. In an interview, Drew has admitted that he is passionate about utilizing technology to better the health sector. He has been developing a platform for electronic systems that can be used to improve the health care system. Drew Madden has been optimizing modern technology to establish a strong platform for business. When he was working for Nordic, he expanded the company’s portfolio to a larger employee base.


Drew Madden continues to establish strong operating platforms for client partners. Before he joined Nordic, he worked for Ingenix. This is an affiliate of United Healthcare. Presently, the company is called OptumInsight. Madden has excelled in multiple platforms. He has been consistent in service delivery. Perhaps his academic credentials have played a key role in establishing string marketing platforms for business. The holder of a bachelor’s degree in medical systems and industrial engineering has been working hard to develop stable platforms for business. The alumnus of Iowa College has special concentration and expertise in developing helpful technology for health care.

The Ultimate Businessman: Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Business is being conducted on a daily basis. It’s happening when we’re awake, and it’s happening when we’re asleep. The world is in constant motion for 24 hours a day. Like the old saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm.” This notion rings true, and it is personified by hundreds of thousands of people on a global scale.

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier is the epitome of this notion, and his resume is a true testament of his success. The guy has a heart of gold, and his brain is always in overdrive. He is basically a brilliant thinker. Brainstorming for ideas and reading copious amounts of informative material enhances his brilliance.

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Pulier’s educational base comes from two of the nation’s best higher learning institutions. The guy has literally attended MIT and Harvard University. He has a B.A. in American & English Literature, and he has provided many business solutions for companies that span across numerous sectors. This includes healthcare, education, information technology and government. Is there anything he can’t do when he puts his mind to it? As of now, he has certainly conquered the IT industry and many more. Technology really compliments mankind either way you look at it. Technology can be used for fun, and it can be used to create solutions. Pulier is a firm believer in this notion, and his work is 100 percent proof. People who deal with Multiple Sclerosis have benefited from this extraordinary guy. He has developed educational-based solutions to help these people in effectively dealing with the disorder on a daily basis. Pulier has worked with prominent politicians in a number of popular forums such as technology and healthcare.

He is also one of the first persons to adopt cloud computing. He has invested in tech companies that were at seed level. The list goes on and on. In other words, Eric Pulier is the ultimate businessman as well as the ultimate philanthropist.

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What You Missed at the Market America Convention 2017

This year the event was held in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Coliseum. More than twenty thousand entrepreneurs attended the star-studded event this past August. This year marked the 25th anniversary celebration for Market America Convention 2017. With this in mind, the Coliseum was set up for optimal viewing for every guest. This setup also demonstrated our family attitude that we embrace for each and every one of our entrepreneurs. Several recognizable names, including Jamie Foxx and Scottie Pippen, gave special performances for the new products and initiatives. Many new and exciting opportunities are on the horizon, all of which were discussed in detail at the event.

Learn More: www.marketamerica.com/site/the-unfranchise-business/

Talos Energy: The Independent Oil and Gas Company

Talos Energy is a group of companies which acts as an independent oil and gas company focused on offshore exploration and production in oil and gas drilling sector. It owns over 33,000 square miles of the state of 3D seismic. It owns gas drilling company and an oil drilling company which are like two bodies but work under the same wing with one management.

Talos energy started oil and gas drilling on the gulf coast of Mexico regions with a high emphasis on asset optimization. It has drilled oil for the last 80s years hence gaining its popularity in Mexico due to its high experience.

In July 2017, Talos oil and gas drillers as an operator together with the other ventures were pleased that they announced that they found a new well at Zama-1 exploration well i the offshore of Mexico they found oil which they were finishing the drilling by the end of July this year.

The Zama-1 is the first oil well in the history of Mexico to be explored and drilled by a private company which was Talos and Sierra and premier. The parties involved shares shore shares differently with premier holding the smallest percentage. In their analysis of the oil availability, Talos said that the oil is found at intervals of 1100 feet’s and the pay is much higher. In Zama-1 well the gross that was expected was around 1.4 to 2 billion.

Apollo global management, LLC is a private equity firm founded by Leon Black, a former banker at Drexel Burnham Lambert. The company leverages buyout transactions, and purchases distressed securities. Its headquarters is in New York, but it has another opening in other states.

Apollo and Talos oil had had a strong relationship as Apollo in conjunction with river stone were to invest over six hundred million dollars when the company was acquiring the gulf coast and the Gulf of Mexico regions. Both Apollo and river stone are two premier private equity investors with prior knowledge and expertise in natural resources over the years. According to the chief executive officer of Talos oil, they were much pleased to have been sponsored by the two companies in their oil drilling.

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A Traveling Vineyard WIne Guide Is A Great Position

A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is a great position for a person that loves to work on his or her own. The Wine Guides can learn so much about certain areas, and one of them is the Napa Valley. The Napa Valley is known all over the world for its many, different wines. If you are planning to visit there, you can see other sightseeing options too. The Wine Guides have decided that these are the ones that you should see if you can get a chance to.

Taking In A Cooking Class

If you can fit in a cooking class at the Silverdale Cooking School, you will have an opportunity to make some awesome foods. These foods will be delicious, and you can pair them up with your favorite wines.

The Napa Art Walk Is Wonderful

Taking the Napa Art Walk will provide you with some great pieces that you will love to see. The artists that have completed these pieces are interesting people.

An Afternoon Spent In The Park

A wonderful outing is waiting for you at the park. Be sure that you bring all that you need to have a great picnic. While you are there, you can do some bird watching. Other scenery will allow you to get some great pictures for your memories.

The Auberge Spa Is Spectacular

Visiting the Auberge Spa is something that you want to do when you need to relax and feel wonderful. Since you will receive massages and baths, you will be on top of the world while you are there.

If The Position Of Wine Guide Sounds Great To You, Read Some More

You can make as much money as you like when you are a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard. It will prove to be an amazing position for you to do if you love meeting people that love wines. Since you are in charge of your own hours, you can do this job as often or as little as you want to.

How Do You Become A Wine Guide For The Traveling Vineyard?

You just need to go on their website. There is an application form that you will need to fill out. Once you have the ok from the company, you can begin as soon as you like. For more info about us: https://www.facebook.com/travelingvineyard/ click here.

Be sure that you talk to other people in the company. They are wonderful people that will help you with all different things as you are starting out. Take advantage of the social media that the company has in place to add to your lead base. This could be the best opportunity that you have had in a long time.