Patty Rocklage Focuses on the Family

Marriage can be a very challenging thing for lots of couples. There are a lot of people that struggle with coming together under one roof to raise children and manage household budgets. Patty is well aware of the variety of things that can hinder a marriage, and she is making a strong commitment to helping more people sustain their marriages. There is a great level of confidence in Patty Rocklage skills by many people that have benefited from her therapy and counseling sessions. Patty Rocklage has helped a plethora of people realize the things that they need to do to make their marriage work. She has a degree from USC, and she has been helping couples pinpoint the things that have made their marriages difficult.

Patty Rocklage is someone that has been able to put focus on the things that can also unravel family. There are lots of situations where blended families come together after couples have been in marriages that did not work out. In many situations blended families can also pose a problem for couples and put them on the verge of another failing marriage. Patty Rocklage is someone that tries to help people stop this and more information click here.

Patty has been a great resource for lots of families in Massachusetts that have struggled with the challenges of maintaining a successful marriage. In many instances she applies theories from her education at USC, but she also has the gift of experience. Patty has many years of working with families and married couples as a therapist, and she knows how to get results. She has been in situations where she may have had to help families that were dealing with marital issues as well as issues about raising children. Few men and women come together with the same perspective on how children should be raised, but Patty is the person that can help spouses come to some type of compromise and her resume.

Patty is pleased with the job that she has, and she makes it her passion to help those couples and families that are interested in trying to make the best of their relationships and Patty’s lacrosse camp.

USHEALTH Group Provides Insurance Solutions

The USHEALTH Group is a solutions company that has been able to help people with all of the options that they need for their own healthcare information. The company works hard to make sure that they can give people exactly what they need so that they will be able to get everything that they can out of the options that are included with the insurance. There are many different aspects of USHEALTH Group but they have been able to offer people exactly what they need in the health insurance field. It has been a big help for families and individuals who need to have plans that will help them with their healthcare. They can do what they need to and can get the treatment that is required when they have USHEALTH Group as their insurance provider. This is something that can help them with all of their health problems.

The first plans that the company started offering were ones that would work for individuals. They were basic plans that people could take advantage of in different areas and the plans worked well for many different purposes. Each time that someone was able to use something that was provided by the USHEALTH Group, they could get exactly what they needed from the insurance. They didn’t have to worry about the problems that came with most insurance companies and this gave them the peace of mind that they needed to continue with their healthcare journey in different situations.

Now that the USHEALTH Group company has expanded to include options for other people, they are working to make sure that things are going to work for families. The company now provides plans that work for individuals as well as family plans. The family plans can include a spouse and any dependents that are associated with either spouse. While these plans are slightly more expensive once they have been added up to include every person, they are less expensive per person than the individual plans are. The ability that people have to make sure that they are getting what they can from the healthcare plans are able to suit the needs of everyone who is in a different health situation. USHEALTH Group on Facebook.

While the USHEALTH Group is able to offer different options to people who are individuals as well as families, all of their plans are comprehensive. It is something that the company has worked hard on and something that they offer when no other insurance companies are able to offer it to them. As far as coverage is concerned, the health care opportunities are given to different people in different areas. No matter what type of coverage someone is looking for, they are able to get the comprehensive options provided by the USHEALTH Group.

Highland Capital – Serving Investors With Newly Developed Strategies

The Highland Capital Management has become the biggest and highly experienced worldwide option for the credit managers. The history of Highland Capital Management started in Jan 1990. Its founders Mr. James Dondero and Mr. Mark Okada made a joint business partnership with protective life insurance corporation.



The joint venture has got specialization in the income markets that are fixed, and these are the management of some senior bank loans. This investment rose to a protective asset management firm. Mr. James and Mr. Mark bought the life’s stake in Pamco. They made the Ranger Asset Management as an independent consultant who is registered with SEC.



In the same year, Ranger Asset Management altered its name to Highland Capital Management. Highland started its bank loan fund and in the same year created an investment 40 Act platform. Highland pursued its product expansion in the year 2004 by getting into the mutual fund venture by procuring two floating rate funds from the Columbia Asset Management.



Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd is an associate of the investment management company in Dallas. It is a private equity fund that focuses on healthcare. Highland will have its operations with a firm that is renowned to have private equity. The Investors in Asia have exhibited a keen interest in this segment in the previous two years. Many of the investments have been made through various funds.



The underlying strategy of the fund is alignment with the core capabilities. The fund has got great specialization in the segment of healthcare. Healthcare is the company’s biggest exposure in this venture. The Healthcare arena is the biggest exposure to the industry and has got a fifteen year proven track record in private equity that is associated with the various healthcare firms.



This firm has specialization in various strategies in credit. This company facilitates investments and also short and long term equities. It also focuses on the person who possess great net worth. It has got a great deal of assets and these are managed in a proper manner. Highland Capital has got various offices in Sao Paulo, Seoul and Singapore.


Eric Pulier Is Now Joining Forces With Disruptive Technology

Eric Pulier is a familiar name to many businessmen in the IT industry. He’s one of the leading pioneers of service-oriented architecture (SOA), a complex term but one that basically involves the functions of a large business and how information technology plays a role in that function. But Pulier is now primarily focused on venture capital investing and seeding for startup mobile app companies, in particular his new vAtomic Ventures seed which seeks to turn gaming elements into business-related apps. Pulier said he had gotten the idea for this company by seeing how apps like Uber were changing the current workforce.


Pulier was only in elementary school when he took an interest in computers including programming. He started a database system and advanced IT infrastructure while still in high school. His college education included attending Harvard where he contributed to the Harvard Crimson while pursuing his passion for writing and studying American and English literature. He also attended MIT to pursue their advanced computer science program. He graduated magna cum laude in 1988.

Eric Pulier began his business career by joining People Doing Things in 1991, and in 1994 he formed a business marketing and interactive media company known as Digital Evolution whose clients included some major auto manufacturers and IT clients. In 1997 he was chosen by then President Bill Clinton’s inaugural committee to be the head of the Presidential Technology Exhibition in celebration of Clinton’s reelection, and Pulier had displays setup here featuring future electronic technology. In 1998 Pulier and US Interactive, the company that had bought out Digital Evolution teamed up with other engineers to host an online social media and virtual reality program at children’s hospitals across Los Angeles and the rest of the US known as Starbright World.


Pulier became part of the cloud technology movement later when he started virtual desktop software and then founded a large cloud enterprise platform known as ServiceMesh. This was soon bought out by the Computer Sciences Corporation. He also joined TM Forum and started the Enterprise Leadership Council there. Pulier also is with the Board of Innovation at XPrize and the Painted Turtle camp.


Let Beverly Hills Auto Group Help You Out

Buying a used BMW over a new one is a smart choice. You will save lots of money and no one will ever be the wiser that you bought your luxury car used. You will be getting a car that has all of the kinks worked out that can be quite common in brand new models and you know exactly what you will be getting. You could even get some customization without having to foot the bill.


Beverly Hills Auto Group knows what they’re doing when it comes to finding you the perfect ride. At Beverly Hills Auto Group, you will get the kind of service you deserve and the car that you want. Beverly Hills Auto Group has a large selection of used BMWs to choose from and they don’t use pushy sales tactics to sell you anything. Beverly Hills Auto Group is all about you and your needs.

Mike Baur’s Journey To Engage In The Startup Incubator Business

In his 20s, Mike Baur was working in the competitive financial industry. Over the years, the graduate of Bern University and the University of Rochester has achieved much success in investing in startups. When he joined Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice, a hiring manager immediately recognized the potential that the young finance expert had. The high-ranking manager planned a likely promotion path for Mike to enable him climb the corporate ladder quickly. However, Mike preferred a different approach that saw him work for different firms before he founded his own corporation.

In the 90s, Baur worked for the UBS as an apprentice and later, as a financial advisor. He was charged with the duty of advising wealthy Swiss investors on the right investment opportunities. The list of investors who relied on his expertise included some the nation’s wealthiest individuals. In 2008, Baur decided to leave the company despite having a potentially bright future. After a couple of months, he was recruited by a renowned bank, Clariden Leu. Through his savings and extensive experience in investment, he was able to start investing in different undertakings. After six years, he resigned from the firm as the post-recession banking environment was not appealing to him. He decided to help tech entrepreneurs to reach their dreams.

To this end, the finance expert deemed it fit to incorporate a venture capital that would enhance his efforts of helping start-ups. This way, he partnered with other like-minded entrepreneurs and founded Swiss Start-up Factory in 2014. Unlike other venture companies, the corporation established an incubator program. The program was aimed at ensuring that the companies under its management receive the rights tools to help them succeed in their undertakings. Swiss Start-up Factory offered entrepreneurs with office space, mentorship, finance, banking services, and connections. In addition, the program helps the start-ups to learn how to source for funding from investors.

Swiss Startup Factory believes in creating a competitive environment. This way, Mike Baur has created pitching contests. Entrepreneurs under the incubator program are required to participate in the pitching contest to help them gauge the quality of their ideas. The contests also assist them in learning which areas of their start-ups are weak, thus be able to improve on them. One of the competitions is the START Summiteer, which was held at a Swiss university. For an entrepreneur to participate in the program, his or her company must have less than $1 million in funding. Mike Baur is associated with Think Reload, CTI Invest, and BV4.



Cassio Audi-Music and the Vipers

Nobody would imagine that Casio Audi was somebody who was a musician. He was for sure, and quite a good one at that. It turns out he was a well-known musician in a band called the Viper in Brazil. Here is some information on how Cassio Audi-Music was a huge success.

In Brazil, it was 1985 in a rush of adrenaline, they would be a band of Cassio Audi recorded a demo for their very first time. Called The Killer Sword, it was received well. By 1987, the second release Soldiers of Sunrise were released in English with an enormous amount of talent for Cassio on the project.

By 1989 their recording of Theater of Fate, which was a first release of a new genre that mixed metal with classical music. they used Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. It was fabulous. Fans flocked to this, most notably, fans if Japan. They were now known internationally, and their success was just getting started. Sadly, they never really took off enough to be what they could become and Cassio Audi was not able to reach his highest potential.

Over the years band member changed and people came and were replaced. It did change the sound over the years. It became heavier in style. By the release of Evolution in 1992, they branched into Portuguese, and the sound became more pop like. In 1996 they released a “best of” album. The sound was a really great change of genre. It worked well for while.

Shortly before 2004, the band had some real conflict that was not resolved. By the end of 2004, they added a new singer and needed some life to the sound. They released a live album, which gave the band a breathe of fresh air. This continued until 2009, when the group broke up.

Patty Rocklage; One of the Top Therapists in Boston

Patty Rocklage is a marriage and family therapist based in Boston. Some of the skills that she has include teaching, coaching, public speaking, and community outreach. She studied at the University of Southern California and graduated in 1981. Patty Rocklage has more than two decades of experience as a psychotherapist. She has served many patients. She is easily reachable through email or a phone call. Her mission is to help families and couples to work through problems and overcome struggles together. She has been described as warm because of her relatable nature with her clients.

Patty and Dr. Scott Rocklage who is her husband paid a visit to the chemistry department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last July. Dr. Rocklage graduated from the University in 1982. He was an understudy of Professor Richard Schrock. The chemistry department had held a ceremony to thank the couple for their donation towards the renovation of one of the labs. The gift would go into covering the costs of Professor Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab.

The professor was accompanied with a couple of his students. He gave a tour of the renovated space. The attendees then gathered at the vestibule of the lab where tributes to the Rocklages were said by Timothy Jamison, Professor Bawendi, and Sylvia Ceyer. A plaque of the Rocklages was also displayed in the room where the tributes were paid. Sylvia Ceyer said that Rocklage responded emphatically with a yes when he approached him for support. She stated that he did not ask for further details. He only asked where there was a pressing need.

Patty and Scott Rocklage selected Sudbury Kitchen & Bath to perform various renovation projects in their home. The couple was able to save a lot of money because they did not have to hire any sub-contractors since the company took care of everything for them. They ended up asking the company to remodel their entire house despite the fact that they only wanted to redesign their kitchen. They were impressed with the work that Sudbury Kitchen & Bath did for them. Dr. Rocklage said that the house had been designed into a four-season living space. This is what they had in mind.


David McDonald Pioneered in Releasing OSI Group’s Report of Global Sustainability

OSI Group is a leading global company the supplies for value-added protein, including beef patties and sausage links. The company released its 2016/2017 Global Sustainability Report that highlighted the performance of the company’s operations all over the world.

David McDonald, the president and CEO of the OSI Group, cited that the company was committed to carrying out its activities in a responsible and sustainable way. He added that the company would keep evolving its operations to enhance employees’ lives, sustain environmental resources, and create global communities. David mentioned that OSI group was proud to accomplish and share the report to proof its credible operations.

The Report

The Report outlined the priorities areas of OSI Group, including social responsibility and the environment. It also involved having a sustainable supply chain that emphasized on food quality and safety, alongside strict animal welfare standards. The reports have fundamental milestones for the three priority areas, for instance, all the company’s food solutions facilities in Europe have an ISO14001 certification. Further, in 2015, OSI Group based in North America contributed over 252,000 lbs. of food to a countrywide network of food bank called Feeding America. The company has also sponsored several animal welfare initiatives, training sessions, and workshops. It has promoted creation of awareness concerning key issues in the supplier network and global organization.

The report also outlined future initiatives that would enable the company to achieve its sustainability objectives. The company is also striving to attain some of its goals by 2020. OSI Group is planning to reduce both energy and water intensity by 10 percent throughout its operations and learn more about David.

David McDonald

David McDonald is the current president and CEO of the renowned OSI Group LLC. Before that, he had worked at OSI industries as a project manager. David worked at North American Meat Institute as the Chairperson. David served at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. as an independent director.

David McDonald serves as a member of the board of directors of OSI Group. He is also the director of the Australia-based OSI International Foods Pty Limited. David is a learned person. He attended Iowa State University where earned his degree in Animal Science and read full article.

The New Brunswick, New Jersey’s Success Through Omar Boraie Development

Omar Boraie had a vision for New Brunswick, New Jersey that involved a transformation process that improved its living and working conditions. Many saw his vision as one of a crazy-man, due to the condition of Brunswick, New Jersey at the time, and contributed little to no belief in it whatsoever. As the vice president and founder of Boraie developement, Omar put his vision into action and becomes one of the most successful developers in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In an article on NJ Biz, Omar Boraie, originally from Egypt, arrives to the United States with a creative and intelligent mind, which feasted on the potential of New Brunswick that many would say was absolutely ridiculous. New Brunswick, New Jersey, at this time, was a horrifying city. The crime rate was high, the condition of its buildings were awful and the people neglected to live there and many residence transitioned from the city. The city was so terrible in the sense of living conditions, it was dangerous to walk the streets after 4 p.m.

Omar Boraie puts his vision into action and builds his first project, which was an 8 floor office on Albany Street called the “Albany Street Plaza Tower One”, in 1988. The success of this plaza spurred a second plaza, ” Tower 2″ of Albany Street Plaza, which completed in 2004. Through the success of Tower One and Tower Two of Albany Street Plaza, Omar continued to put his visions into action to reach his final goal of complete transformation of the city.

To start, Omar invested in a building with 21 vacancies. He would buy each one individually, one by one until all were bought. With New Brunswick’s condition at this time, people thought he lost his mind, but he continued his visionary plan anyways and Albany Street Plaza now exists and thrives.

In 2007, he would complete his first residential project, a New York style high rise, which would surprisingly sell out within 2 month from its market date. From that point forward, the people started to believe in what Omar was trying to do with the city and they cheered him on. People now saw the city as a potential place for work and residency without the overwelling disparity factors that haunted them in the past. Currently, he is working on Tower 3 of Albany Street Plaza.

Omar Boraie saw potential, had a vision, put that vision into action – even when people doubted him – and succeeded and continues to build in the city this very day . Through his ideas and work contribution, New Brunswick, New Jersey moved and moves in a new and improved direction of attention grabbing residential locations and work sites, which many newcomers appreciate and consider as remarkable and noteworthy. Besides his building developing success, Omar Boraie is also a successful philanthropist.

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