Harry Potter Fan Theories to Blow Your Mind!


Are there any fans more committed than those of the ‘Harry Potter’ realm? Harry Potter became a worldwide phenomenon as a boko before becoming one of the top selling film franchises of all time. Fans who loved ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ quickly fell in love with Harry Potter, proving that there was some serious appeal in the young adult genre. With the books and film so popular we have seen more people than ever digging through the films to discover amazing and secret fan theories. Let’s look at a few of the wildest fan theories that we found!


  1. Harry Potter’s Horcrux Causes the Dursley Hate!

It’s hard to ignore the opening to Harry Potter because it is such a compelling look at a young boy doing the best that he can in the face of abuse. While the Dursley’s are always meant to be slightly comical, they are still filled with hate from top to bottom. It’s spelled out in the films that a horcrux can change the behavior of those around it and we also know that harry himself is a horcrux. One Harry Potter theory asks, is it possible that the Dursley’s would have been otherwise decent individuals were it not for their exposure to Harry Potter? It’s interesting to think about, isn’t it? Could Harry have ruined their lives?


  1. Hermione’s Cat is a Kneazle

With ‘Fantastic Beasts’ bringing back interest in all of the magical creatures of Harry Potter, we felt this theory was interesting. Fans theorized that Hermione’s pet cat was half Kneazle, a special breed of magical feline. This theory was actually CONFIRMED by J.K. Rowling herself. Impressive, right?  Either way, whether you believe any of these or not, these are still one of the best movie theme songs.

The History of Kabbalah Changed when Kabbalah Centres Opened

Revealing the Concealed, Mystical Sayed Woman, The Time Has Come, Authenticity of the Zohar and the Timeline of Kabbalah are five course available for those studying Kabbalah. Kabbalah is the mystical essence of the Jewish tradition dating back to the beginning of mankind.

The study of Kabbalah offers an overall plan for the universe as well as details for individual student’s lives. The principles of Kabbalah are taught, so the student can apply them to making decisions in their own lives.

Kabbalah believes that joy is the center of every human being, and it is by studying the principles that the exterior can be slowly chipped away. What is known about Kabbalah come from ancient documents that have been translated into Hebrew and English. Kabbalah is not a religion, but it has been passed down from generation to generation typically between priests and spiritual leaders.

Establishing Kabbalah Centres Worldwide

RavAshtag is a 20th century Kabbalist who founded the first Kabbalah Centre in 1922 in Israel. This broke the traditional way that Kabbalah had been for thousands of years, and it opened the spirituality to the common person.

There are Kabbalah Centres in 40 global cities today, so anyone who is interested is welcome in a Centre. Physical locations also allow for materials to be sold and provides a place for meeting and fellowship and learn more about Kabbalah centre.

As RavAshtag opened up the Centre, the Bergs from America began studying there in the 1950s. They studied for 10 years, and, in 1965, they moved back to the U.S. where they founded the first Centre in the U.S. in NYC.

The Bergs were intrumental in establishing Kabbalah Centres. They translated ancient documents into many languages and taught classes for students. Later, the Bergs opened two more Centres in San Francisco and Los Angeles. All three Centres instructed students and translated the documents for study.

The Centres encouraged students to fellowship. so dinners are planned each month for the students. Books and tapes are sold, and Karen Berg, as one of the original founders, impresses the importance of doing volunteer work for the communities because it develops the giving spirit of Kabbalah.

Picking the Best Online Reputation Management Firm for your Business

As published in Fox News, choosing the right online management firm for any business is a crucial step in developing a strong, positive online presence in a world where the internet is king.

If your ORM search starts where most people’s searches do, online, be wary of the many paid advertisements that come up first on a Google Search of the term. Companies that spend heavily on new customer acquisition do not always have the best record of putting time and effort into the customers that they already have. By scrolling a little further, and looking at the organic results, you can often find a better match and compare several companies that offer the desired services.

Your internet searches on the ORM companies like IC Media Direct reviews should not yield any major negatives, or at the very least, those negatives should not seriously outweigh the positives. If they do, then the company cannot even manage its own reputation online, and probably can’t help yours either.

You also want to be wary of the company’s promises. If they are pledging to “outsmart Google” or a quick fix to all your online reputation issues, keep looking. Google is constantly catching these so-called “black hat” SEO tricks and demoting search returns that don’t add real value. Ask questions about what the company does, and how they do it. If it sounds dodgy, it probably is.

The best thing is to find a company that understands that ORM is a long-haul proposition, and works to create a partnership between themselves and their clients. Challenges to your online reputation can constantly come up, and the best way to overcome them is by creating long-term strategies to deal with them, not quick fixes that sound good but don’t last. Google and other search engines look for value, you should too.

Finally, diversity is key. You may not know right now which of your online accounts will be most popular and need the most management six months from now. The right ORM firm will be able to evolve with you, and produce quality results as you need them.

A Few Mutual Funds Investing Tips

Tim Armour is the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of the Capital Group. He is an authority on investment and tax savings.

He is now talking about Warren Buffett and his investment strategy. Warren Buffett is talking about the mediocre as well as expensive funds. These tend to shortchange investors. Besides, there are too many of these around. Just like him, even Tim Armour is committed towards low cost and simple investments. Basically he believes that investments should be bought and then held for a long time.

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Tim Armour gives the example of the approach taken by Warren Buffet. He rigorously analyzes the company. This way he is able to build a highly durable portfolio. His strategy has been proved many times over.

Tim Armour believes that Americans have to save more today for their retirement. They need to invest more and stay invested.

He says that investors should be careful of those mutual funds that are providing mediocre returns due to high management fees. Even excessive trading can be another reason for poor returns. It is important to know about the volatility risks before investing. This means that in order to get good investment returns over a long term, it is important to have low costs.

Another thing to note here is about index funds. These are typically considered as being a safe option for retirement. But during market out turns, these are 100 percent exposed to losses and volatility.

Hence Tim Armour suggests that investors should look for low expenses along with higher manager ownership.

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