Billy McFarland Sees Future Expansion Possibilities

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland is a young entrepreneur who has started and built the growing credit card program called Magnises. McFarland started the company while he was still finishing his education.

During his senior year in college he was able to attract the interest of both users of the credit card and investors in the program. While the credit card program started small, it has continued to grow and now has over 10,000 members.

Magnises is a much different credit card than the traditional credit card programs. While the traditional credit card programs attracted users by providing lucrative cashback and travel rewards, Magnises has focused on providing a different set of benefits.

The new credit card program has instead focused on providing its users with both social and professional opportunities, which can be used to expand their personal and professional networks.

Members of the credit card program are able to gain access to dozens of different parties and events that the company posts every year. Today, these parties are largely located in New York City and Washington DC, but will soon be expanding into other metro areas across the country.

These parties and events include both social gathering as well as professional networking seminars, which have the proven ability to it hits someone’s career.

Beyond going to the arranged parties and events, users can also take advantage of the free concierge service. This service can be used to help someone in access to tickets for the top sporting events, concerts, or other five performances in these cities.

Users will also be able to take advantage of the online networking tools, which can be used to contact other numbers of the credit card program. Most members agree that all of these benefits and advantages far outweigh the $450 annual membership fee.

Give Your Lips Wonderful Coverage With EOS Lip Balm Products

Don’t take your lips for granted with lip balm products that have harsh ingredients that will dry or crack your lips. EOS lip balm products are easily accessible through ordering them from their original website or visiting your local retailer and looking on the beauty care aisle. You get organic coverage that is waterproof and requires far less reapplications. In fact, a recent PRN Newswire article on beauty care products noted that EOS lip balm products are chosen over Chapstick products 10 to 1. EOS lip balm products guarantee to leave your lips feeling ultra smooth every time.

Why Choose EOS Lip Balm Products?

EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth come in irrestible delectable flavors and an all natural base that includes shea butter and jojoba oil. They boost that their products are 100% all natural and 95% organic and safe to use everyday. You get long lasting coverage that will agree with your lips. Shea butter has been used for centuries to heal the skin and restore its luster. They have a unique individual packaging that has been seen being removed from the purses of famous entertainers like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

Evolution Of Smooth Products

– Lemon Drop

– Wildberry

– Acai

– Blueberry Sorbet

– Mint Kisser

– Almond Milk

Summer fruit

– Original EOS

and much more…

Evolution of Smooth is favored for their reliability, fragrance, and proven results. They will transform your lips from dry and cracked to ultra smooth with your first use. You will begin to see results from the effects of smoking, UV rays, and seasonal elements within 30 days. Their all natural ingredients is just what your lips have been waiting for. EOS products are available on select retailers which includes Amazon.

Discover more about Evolution of Smooth EOS lip balm products from their exclusive website ( today. For full product gallery, refer to EOS’ Facebook page.


Essence of Reappearance of George Soros in the Political Arena

Even in his eighties, George Soros still has significant aspects to raise concerning the current century’s political tussles. He traces his roots from Hungary. He is respected as a tycoon who has done a lot to improve his society. Having been born in 1930, there is so much he has to offer the ideological world as he lived through the era of a pro-Nazi Hungarian government. After that he managed to escape to America and settled there. He has been active in the political arena at and when he cautions on how things are done, you can rest assured he has seen it all. America has all the reasons to feel proud of such an icon.

Having George raise a voice concerning the U.S elections is very critical because he is a democrat. George Soros has a special place for the blacks in America. In fact, he is known to have channeled a fortune towards the support of the Democratic Party. George and other rich democrats had done everything possible to see Hillary Clinton win, which never was. They are a team and willing to fight against Trump at all costs.

Reappearance of George after the shocking win by Trump has been significant in a great way. The crew he is operating with is after fighting for justice and equity across the entire continent of America. Their vision will not be deterred as they have also thought of organizing for a process through which they will impede the U.S president elect on Forbes.

In an attempt to enlighten people, George explained that Trump and Ted Cruz; his GOP opponent were basically getting involved in the work of ISIS. In 2016 Mr. George Soros is said to have donated $25 million in support of Clinton and other democrats who were contending for various positions. The Hungary native has tasted Nazism and communalism and this is a factor that triggered him to launch foundations aimed at shielding open societies globally.

Amazing Traits Exhibited by George
The political veteran is good at maintaining relationships. It is 25 years since he met with Hilary and he devoted to offer her such tremendous support on Soros is also up to date when it comes to the trade markets despite his old age. Unlike in the past years, Soros seems to be diving more into politics as his age advances.

He is as well a great philanthropist. He is known to have made remarkable donations in various organizations. Although most of these organizations are political, he does that in order to ensure that the nation experiences justice. One among the many he is thought to be supporting is the Voting Rights Trust, which is partly spearheaded by Hilary’s lawyer. He is not publicly pronounced as a donor but there are high chances that he is.

As seen, George has a big heart for politics. He is seen having such pronounced liberal interests. In his endeavors he has nothing malicious, but a desire to see a terror-free America. You could envy his guts and aggressiveness with which he commits to matters in his interest.

Darius Fisher Grows Status Labs To Great Heights

The most important thing any business has is its reputation, and Darius Fisher works quite hard to help his customers ensure they may take back their reputations. This article explains how he leads Status Labs to help his clients, and there is a look at how he manages his offices. Darius has become one of the leading figures in online reputation management and public relations. He has done so through a careful combination of wisdom and aggressive content creation.


#1: The Office Is Purposeful


Darius wants everyone working for his firm to feel a purpose in what they are doing. He wants his employees to feel as though they are a part of something much larger, and he consults everyone during the week about the status of client. Status Labs is active with every client, and they maintain a close relationship with clients for as long as possible.


#2: Darius Trains Everyone


Darius has trained everyone in his office to offer the finest in public relations services, and he wants his clients to feel as though he is a confidante. The support that he offers ensures everyone is pleased with their experience, and the process of taking back an online reputation becomes less burdensome for everyone. His services keep clients calm, and the clients who are following his instructions are more successful.


The staff in the Status Labs offices are taught by Darius Fisher has to approach each customer, and they produce everything from online articles to press releases. The company takes over the public relations for the client, and they release as much positive information as they may find. They believe in making the client feel good about their business, and they will push quite hard to ensure the client is happy with what has happened once they see the results.


Status Labs is one of the most powerful online reputation firms in the world, and they supply clients with a public relations service that is perfect in every way. Darius Fisher has built the company in his own image, and he is opening offices around the world to reach more people.

Read more about Status Labs and Darius here:


Lung Institute Experiments With Stem Cells

Early in the 21st century, the medical field discovered that stem cells could be an aid in treating people in a variety of ailments. Just what are stem cells? Stem cells are unspecified cells. When the embryo is developing in the womb, the stem cells become many of the body parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes. When we grow up we have what’s called adult stem cells that help heal damaged parts of the body, such as a cut finger.

In a recent article published by PR Web, doctors are learning that healthy adult stem cells can replace diseased cells in a person’s body. The Lung Institute medical researchers are experimenting with using stem cells to treat people with lung ailments. The lung institute is working on treating people with COPD and other lung ailments. COPD means Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It‘s a progressive lung disease that can be mild or severe. COPD encompasses many different lung ailments including emphysema and chronic bronchitis The restriction of airflow to and from the lungs makes it difficult for COPD sufferers to breathe. The air sacs collapse and fill with mucus.

The Lung Institute begins screening their prospective patients and attempt to get to know the whole person and not just the lung ailment they suffer from. The doctors learn what kind of hobbies their patients have in addition to the medical history. Usually, the stem cells used to treat the lung ailment are collected from bone marrow. The doctor separates the stem cells from the marrow. The cells are injected into the patient’s lungs to begin healing and lessening inflammation.

According to Lung Institute’s website CODP patients have been helped with the stem cells treatment. One patient, Denise, noticed that her quality of life was declining. She couldn’t participate in going horseback riding with her grandchildren.She lived her life using a walker to get around while carrying her oxygen tank. Denise had a severe form of COPD that made them wary of the fact the stem cell treatment wouldn’t work for her. Today, she doesn’t need oxygen tanks or a walker. She and her husband went on vacation.

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