Kate Hudson’s Affordable Fabletics Brand

Fabletics was founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson and was officially launched in October 2013. Fabletics line is a fabulous brand of lifestyle athletic wear apparel and accessories. The designs combine fashion and functionality with high-quality fabrics and strong construction at affordable prices. Fabletics designs are inspired by Kate Hudson’s personal wardrobe and active lifestyle.

Fabletics, the brand focuses on easy-to-wear pieces that are ideal for layering such as warm jackets and hoodies, stylish cardigan wraps, soft buttery tees and tops that are long sleeved, and accessories like scarves that gives a woman the casual and yet an elegant look.

Their members receive discounted apparel (athleisure clothes, in Fabletics’ case) through VIP subscriptions. You can also easily skip the payments by clicking “Skip this Month” by the 5th of the month, which is also clearly written out in the terms of service, that way you do not have to purchase every month. Every month there is a new release. Fabletics VIP membership may not work for everyone, but for me, it was and still is the right choice. I wear my outfits every day be it to the gym, out running errands, or simply lounging around the house. At Fabletics, each 2-3 piece outfit costs $100, but VIP members can purchase them for only $49.95, and the first VIP purchase is priced at only $25 with free shipping. There is an option to cancel the subscription as well but you need to call the customer service. I love the quality of clothes and the affordable prices of Fabletics. The customer service is generally helpful and I like using the live chat option.

JustFab Inc. is a subscription based fashion e-commerce company that offers personalized shopping experience and the hautest fashions around. They have over 35 million members worldwide through its portfolio of brands including JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics.


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How a PR Firm Rebuilt Its Own Reputation

When reputation management company Status Labs faced an online reputation issue of its own, it was given the unique opportunity to “practice what it preaches” and help rebuild its own reputation online using some of the same techniques it uses to help others.

Since its launch in 2012, Status Labs has helped over 1,000 companies online rebuild their reputation. The company works with groups that have been tarnished in the media for some reason and helps them create plans to help rebuild their reputation online and in their communities, often resulting in a better reputation as a public relations company that they might have had before an incident occurred.

Status Labs ran into a reputation issue based on the behavior of a former executive from the company. In order to rebuild its reputation, the company put together a plan that involved a campaign to distance themselves from the executive, as well as put a positive face on the company going forward. The distancing happened in the form of publicly calling for the execs resignation, a move that was made through several media channels and included an image of the status Labs team, putting a face with the names associated with it and giving the organization as a whole a more personable feel.

After the executive left, the company spent a year working with a number of different charities, including the Capital Food Bank of Texas, Urban Roots, and Dress for Success. By working with charities, the company, which previously didn’t have a huge presence in the community, had the opportunity to be associated with good things rather than bad ones, a huge step toward rebuilding its own reputation.

The changes also happened internally. The company went about finding ways to show its employees that it appreciated its work and that its team members were a key part of the company’s success. That came in the form of stock options, free lunch of Fridays, company outings, and even the opportunity to bring pets to the office. Each thing was a small addition, but one that had a huge impact on the overall morale at the company. Hiring was also adjusted in such a way to ensure every team member added would be a positive addition. Follow Status Labs on their Tumblr account to learn more about the company’s news and events.

How Online Press Releases Can Help With Online Reputation Management

When it comes to online reputation management, people have a lot more options than they may realize. OnlineReputationReviews.com reveals that there are tons of methods that a professional could use to manage his own reputation. For one thing, this could not only help him spread his business to get sales, but it can also help him to fight off any attacks to his reputation. Among the methods that one could use for online reputation management is a press release. Press releases are some of the tools that large businesses use in order to bring in more sales. With a good press release, one will rank really high on the search results.
There are many different topics one could use for press release. They don’t always have to be an announcement of a major product. For instance, one could write some tips on any subject for his website. Then he could write a press release on the tips that he is offering on his site. One thing that is important to include on the press release is information about the person and the company. Press releases are effective at not only bringing attention to the person, but showing him in a very flattering light.

When doing a press release, one could also provide links to his social media profiles so that people can follow an keep in touch. After the person has prepared his press release, he can choose to have it released on platforms like PRNewswire or Businesswire. If he releases it on a major outlet, then he will manage to get a lot of exposure and he will also rank higher on the search results. One thing that is required of press releases is that they contain some news that track the progress of the individual and his business. That way people can go on the journey with him.


Dealing With Your Period With Hacks By Wengie

Wengie offers a few ways to make getting through your period each month a little easier. One of the things to do is eat healthy foods that are high in calcium. Wengie enjoys soy lattes on a daily basis. However, caffeine is something to avoid during your period. It can lead to painful cramps. Herbal tea or cranberry juice are good replacements for caffeinated beverages.

Your period is nothing to be ashamed about, but there are times when you don’t want everyone in the class to know that it’s that time of the month. Stuff a pad in your bra in the morning so that you don’t have to carry a purse or a pad out of the classroom. You can also try double lining your pad so that all you have to do is remove the top pad when you go to the bathroom. This is something to remember if you’re going somewhere and can’t carry a bag inside.

Track your period so that you can have all of the items you need. There are some clues that your body gives to let you know when your period will start, such as headaches or fatigue. There are apps that you can use to keep track of when it’s time to start, setting an alarm a few days before so that you’re prepared. Taking a birth control pill can make your pill a little more regular so that you know when your period will come on a monthly basis. To prevent cramping, take Ibuprofen the day before you’re supposed to start so that you don’t have to deal with the pain.
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How To Maintain A Good Online Reputation

As you may already know, derogatory remarks and negative reviews can damage your reputation online, so you should take steps to avoid them unless you want to go through the trouble and fix bad negative search results.

These days, with the popularity of Internet and social media it is absolutely critical to take proactive steps in online reputation management and portraying a great impression about your business. Most companies that hire the services of a reputation management service provider do so after looking up themselves on a search engine and seeing negative results appear on page one. Usually by that time, the damage has already been done.

One effective way to fix bad reviews is to offer quality products and services to your customers. It’s also essential that you have your brand name on various social media networks. You should also make it your goal to create a professional website that is relevant to what your potential customers are searching for.

If your products or services are always of high quality, there’s a good chance your customers and clients will share it with their friends, relatives, acquaintances and others, thus helping you promote your business and build a great reputation. When your company’s popularity increases, your online reputation will certainly increase too. This, in turn, could generate significant sales and boost growth and revenue for your business. It is important to make customer satisfaction a priority.

Sometimes, negative reviews and disparaging remarks can originate from competitors who put them there deliberately, and people who just don’t want to see you succeed. Don’t ignore such damaging posts or comments – have the professionals help you address these matters appropriately. Reputation management experts know how to determine the source of the review and how to deal with them effectively. They have the resources and skills to push down negative content and push up positive content and favorable reviews in search engine results pages.

The Search Fixers has a well trained staff that addresses all sorts of online reputation problems and can help you in removing items that hurt your online profile. These reputation management consultants will take the time to examine the circumstances surrounding the issue, and then develop a strategic plan to eliminate it, promote your good image, and fix bad online reputation. When you contact the team at The Search Fixers, you can rest assured that your internet reputation repair is in trusted hands.