How Does Securus Make Our Ministry Better?

Securus is a great company that has been helping to make sure that the ministry we run can place the phone calls to the people that we are working with. They have an A+ rating from the BBB. We have tried to make every effort to get the results that are most needed, and we are trying to be sure that we feel like we are really reaching these people. The only way to do that is to see them, and we are making sure we can see them with Securus. As I learned from, it is pretty impressive that Securus has been able to get the cameras in all the jails where we call, and then we can see all the inmates live when we call.
We have a lot of people on our team that use the app, and that is something that makes our lives easier. We just make the calls from our phones, and they turn up as video calls. It is very simple for us to use because we have set up all the accounts to call the people that have assignments on our team, and then we check in with every inmate in real time. We have also heard of great people who are able to call family and friends using the same technology.


I am very impressed with Securus, and I am glad that I have trusted our ministry to the program. The program has been making it easier for me to get the results that I want, and I have also been able to talk to people that need someone to check in with. A lot of these inmates do not have not family or friends who will check in with them, and it is much easier to use Securus than it is to just drive to the jail. We are very thankful for the technology.

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About The Midas Legacy

Investment companies are a dime a dozen. Few investment companies truly add value to their clients. In fact, there was a recent study that said many people could have higher returns simply by purchasing an index fund that tracks the market. The Midas Legacy is an investment advisory company that works with clients on their investment strategy for building wealth. There are a lot of benefits to working with this company. Over time, the company has consistently added value to clients. The Midas Legacy concentrates on diversifying investments and taking on risk when other people are nervous. The company also invests in gold bullion and gold index funds.

Investing in Gold

The Midas Legacy wants its clients to have some sort of gold investment in their portfolio. This is a great hedge against inflation, and can really help people who are looking to add value to their portfolio. There are a lot of major investment firms that like to invest in gold. However, this company has a lot more experience than other people with their funds. This is an advantage to working with The Midas Legacy with your investments. The company is concentrated on adding value to clients through a variety of different investment vehicles.

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Hedging Against Risk

Risk is something that every investor must take on at some point in their life. Risk is not a bad thing, but investors must be able to weight the risk and reward of their investments. As a general rule, risk is correlated with higher returns in a portfolio. The Midas Legacy tries to help people who are interested in building wealth over the long term. There may be times when it is difficult to invest for the future because the market is declining. Staying consistent with investing is essential to long term success. This is something that The Midas Legacy teaches all of its clients.

Final Thoughts

Investing can be scary for people who do not have a lot of experience with it. The Midas Legacy strives to teach people how to invest for their future based on their goals. Over the long term, anyone can build wealth if they are able to stay consistent. Even when times are hard, investing is crucial to building wealth. The Midas Legacy can help anyone develop a plan for their future, and if you need extra guidance in your investment plans they are a great option for you.

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Boost Shine with WEN

Summer is upon us, and it can really take a toll on your hair. Dry and damaged locks from the sun and surf can feel inevitable, but they do not have to be. Investing in a good conditioner can really make all of the difference in your hair’s health. WEN by Chaz Dean is no exception, and though it is a shampoo and conditioner combo, many users have reported shiny and more manageable manes. Emily McClure wrote an article for Bustle recapping her experience with WEN, and it went fairly smoothly, no pun intended.
Emily’s week with WEN was not exactly perfect, but she did note that the product really made her hair shine. The only issue was that it could really weigh a style down, and make finer hair look greasy. This is easily remedied by washing your scalp everyday, but those who skip days may not appreciate that. Emily showed us a few photos from facebook of her styles, and we definitely see a lot of shine. Her friends commented on the state of her mane as well, leading us to believe that WEN truly did make a difference.

WEN is considered a five-in-one product, meaning it is a shampoo, deep, leave-in and regular conditioner, and detangler. This is why it is a bit heavier on fine hair, but manages to really boost radiance in even the driest ‘do. If you are looking for smooth locks with manageability, WEN may be right up your alley. After a long day in the sun, it may be just what your hair needs for a nice boost of moisture. Wen is availble online via Guthy-Renker.

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Kate Hudson Gives Some Great Advice To Readers Of Marie Claire

As the founder of Fabletics, Kate Hudson knows what its like to be rushing around on a Friday night trying to correct a potential fashion fiasco. She tends to opt for a contemporary super chic look these days, talking to Marie Claire about here latest line of swimsuit that has just hit the stores this season. With a function bikini top that can double as a sports bra, the outfit of Fabletics is made of all types of summer leisure activities, which Hudson states eloquently defines today’s woman.

Hudson also talks about her new dress line, Fabletics that combine leisure wear with a formal look to give that overall casual look that many woman long after today. She sees that as a natural progression in the fashion world as woman today want to combine a more fitness oriented outlook on life with the desire to still look snazzy come the night. Her new athleisure line is so unique that even Hudson states she would have no problem wearing it out on a date night. The accessibility of the product line makes it so appealing at

As Hudson reveals to Marie Claire, the dress can be worn out on the town, to a dinner date, or just to hang out with friends on a casual Friday night. One can even do light exercises in the dress, which adds to the functionality of the product line. Fashion is evolving to the point that woman do not necessarily have to have a different outfit for every type of event imaginable. This new dress can be worn across a series of genres, which is what makes it so appealing. This is what Hudson had in mind when she developed it. See:

Marie Claire is a fashion oriented magazine for today’s woman. It provides updates on the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle. Women are no longer defined by a certain mold that society places them into. Marie Claire demonstrates the uniqueness to today’s woman, as revealed by Kate Hudson and others.

From bras and lingerie to formal gowns and everything in between, readers of Marie Claire will be able to keep up with the latest trends. Beyond that, the focus of the magazine is on a total lifestyle that the modern generation is living out each and every day. By demonstrating new product lines, such as that presented here by Kate Hudson and Fabletics, the magazine is fulfilling its core objective of informing and entertaining its reader base.

Times Are Hard for Venezuela

There is a high level of desperation in Venezuela as the government seems like it has lost all control. In a report by local station, El Venezolano, businesses and government offices are closed at least two days a week in an effort to save electricity. Schools have been shut down to save electricity as well. Water is being rationed, and there is a shortage of food. People who live in the state are desperate, resorting to crime to try to get the basic necessities. Patients are dying in hospitals because of a lack of medications. The government has seemed to fail the people of Venezuela like Daivd. Officials don’t appear to be taking any kind of responsibility. They are simply letting the people of the state fall further into a dark hole with no hope of being rescued. These are people who need help, and they need it fast just to survive in a time when they shouldn’t have to worry about basic needs.

Clean Up Your Online Reputation and Maximize Efficiency

BCBusiness ( recently posted an article that clearly articulates the vitality of online reputation management in terms of actualizing life goals and business milestones. The article explains that it is viable to run periodic Google searches on one’s own name in order to keep track of the search results people will get when looking you up. The phrase “Google never forgets” is used to describe the permanence of negativity online. Negative press or reviews and more will likely never be removed from the internet and will always be available to viewers who stumble across them. Such negativity can hinder professional and business progression quite easily and without an option to remove defaming posts online, a workaround is necessary to secure your best interest.

This is where online reputation management services prove themselves to be undeniably useful. SearchCleanup ( is a leading service in the online reputation management industry that is more effective than competitors in aiding clients in “cleaning up” their bad news online and public reception by outranking negative search results that could prove to be detriments to one’s name.

SearchCleanup is a professional service built and designed for professionals looking to improve their online reputation and maximize their efficiency in networking and expansion. SearchCleanup understands the importance of genuine and supportive search results online for businesses and professionals. This is exactly why this company provides superb service more effectively than competitors.

Negativity in the form of media results in exponentially more damaging defamation today than it ever has due to the advancement and overall clutter of technology within the daily lives of nearly every person in our society. Nearly all daily tasks have been converted into an online task and this translates to more internet traffic now than ever before. The growth of internet traffic is not slowing down, either. It continues to grow ever more quickly. This means that more people than ever are allotted the opportunity to locate you, your business, or service online, thus increasing your efficiency and profits; however, with more web traffic comes an equal opportunity for those same potential consumers, clients, or customers to stumble upon negative posts regarding your business or yourself. The latter can very easily render your business stagnant or, at the very least, cost you time, money, and an unknown amount of previously potential customers or orders.

SearchCleanup is the most effective option for improving online reputation and public reception available.