Market moves cause of Venezuela problems

An article in Forbes chronicled some of the problems that the country of Venezuela is facing and identified the interventions made by the government into financial markets as the main culprit behind the financial instability that the nation is facing.
Venezuela has long been considered to be one of the richest Latin American countries as it sits on the largest oil reserves on the planet. However the social country which uses this oil to export to other nations primarily used hydroelectric power internally. Recent droughts such as that of El NiƱo have wrecked the ability to produce electricity leading to blackouts and other infrastructure problems, despite those massive energy reserves. The lower price of oil on world exchanges due to a worldwide oil glut has hurt the value of the Venezuelan peso and massive inflation has resulted, as well as a shortage of funds and credit to finance the import of food items, thereby leading to a further collapse of the economy.

However, despite these challenges expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez thinks,it is the lack of financial markets in the socialist country that is causing the real problems. Poor countries don’t have financial markets and those countries that have them can be rich and poor. Venezuela, through its socialist leadership, has weakened financial markets and all of the people in the country have been suffering as a result, both rich and poor alike. “Hopefully once the government’s policy changes, prosperity will return to the country” said Manuel Gonzalez.

Wen By Chaz, A Dream Come True

Every woman dreams of having beautiful hair. Whether it is long or beautiful hair. Thick and wavy hair or simply just colorful hair. No matter how you dress it up we all strive for great hair. Sadly, the hair care industry do not have any great products out there that truly give us the great hair care results we desperately look for on a daily basis. Website Guthy-Renker says “Beautiful hair is attainable you just have to know where to go to find it”.

There have been many times that I have been out with my friends and family that people have come tome and asked how I have been able to reach such great hair. I never really know how to answer that question because I recognize that what works for me probably won’t work for you. That’s not to sound like I am boujie and better than the next person but it’s the truth. Just because my hair is beautiful it doesn’t quite guarantee that the products I use will make your hair beautiful. It’s reality.

Not long ago I stumbled across Wen By Chaz this great product created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean promises not only great hair but it promises great hair to women of all types of hair. Wen is a 3 in 1 hair care system that allows you to get all your hair care needs met in one product. It’s what I like to call a dream come true for hair. Visit the Wen FAQ page

White Shark Media Steps Up Their Game

White Shark Media Review openly admits they have had quite a mixture of both compliments and some complaints about their service in the past. However, they believe they have arrived at a sweet spot in their industry that has produced a better and more effective company. They did this by listening to both compliments and complaints and working this feedback into their everyday operations. Some of the changes the company has made include providing a variety of data tracking for some clients and also Google Analytics, free of charge. More personnel have also been brought in to offer a more personal and managed approach to each AdWords campaign. These Senior SEM Consultants now watch and interact with their assigned client at each step of the process.

The company has responded to feedback such comments as some who said, “I’ve Lost Touch With My AdWords Campaigns.” They took this very seriously and changed their reports system to one where small business clients can easily obtain more detailed reports for their review. White Shark Media has also expanded their training for clients when they are launching a new campaign, giving explicit process for them to check on keyword and advertisement performance numbers. Another situation they have addressed came in the form of the feedback, “I Don’t Feel Communication Is Good Enough.” They assure their clients that the most important issue for them is indeed communications, ranking as highly as producing good results. The company has taken very specific steps that introduced new processes to make sure their clients can get all the communications they need.

One really big area that White Shark Media Complaints has gotten some feedback on is in finding ways to improve AdWords campaign performance. The company has implemented several new and intensive policies and attending process to insure every one of their clients experiences expanded and more profitable campaigns. This has required the hiring and training of many new supervisors to team up with every SEM Strategist in the company. Part of this new set of processes is an initial step that does not allow direct copying of previous content or software structures from previous AdWords campaigns with other clients. Every client’s campaign is treated as unique and started from absolute scratch. The tracking of phone calls has also been implemented as an important statistical performance measurement tool. Read more about this on White Shark Media’s Blog.

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