QNET’s Overseeing Projects that Aims at Providing Clean Water to Primary School Students

QNET is an exceptional company succeeding in direct selling industry and cementing a top position in the modern philanthropy arena. Our focus is to make the community better through funding several community-based projects. We encourage our employees to volunteer in various community activities. Recently, we proceeded with our philanthropic efforts by providing water storage amenities for Sriram Nagar Hyderabad, a public primary school. We are helping to deliver safe and clean drinking water to over 800 students. We are collaborating with Lion Club of Hyderabad to carry out this project.

Aims of the project

The project’s primary objective is to make sure that the school possesses a well-functioning storage system that will keep the water clean and safe. The project plans to boost the hygiene and sanitation standards of the school to a top-notch level. The water-related infection will be eliminated after the supply of clean water. This campaign is similar to the Government’s Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign that aims at creating awareness on hygiene. At QNET, we are planning to continue carrying out similar projects.

At QNET, we encourage people to go beyond their means in bettering human kind. We encourage our employees to offer selfless services. We collaborate with Non-Governmental Organization and associations such as Lions Club to encourage all our Independent Representatives and employees to participate actively in charitable activities. Internationally, QNET addresses the needs of destitute and homeless.

Factual details on QNET

QNET is a premier direct selling company enjoying tremendous growth and success in the direct selling arena. Our main offices are headquartered in Hong Kong. We sell products ranging from energy, nutrition, personal care, luxury goods, weight management, and fashion accessories. We empower young entrepreneurs of different ages, gender, races, and social-economic status to establish successful businesses. We encourage young women to join our sale force and benefit from the guidance of our veteran employees.

We use a multilevel business model to market our products to the high number of clients distributed across the globe. Our distributors popularly called Independent Representatives are offered a chance to achieve economic stability, improve their families’ life, and establish an amazing entrepreneurial career. At, QNET, we have developed a habit of celebrating both cultural and ethnic diversity. We have loyal clients in over 100 countries and Independent Representatives in over 30 countries. Our culture of offering personalized services and maintaining the quality of services despite our fast growth has helped us to cement a top position in the direct selling industry.
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Review of WEN Cleansing Conditioner: Does it work?

Recently, I came across an article on totalbeauty.com about WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner the other day, and I am curious to see if it will be the right product for me. The article covers WEN Cleansing Conditioner and documents the progress of her hair over a few days.

Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioners are an “all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment.” For someone like me, who does not like having to spend time dealing with separate shampoo and conditioner, this seems like a really good product. I can get everything done for my hair in one go!

In the article that I came across, the author said that her hair looked fabulous after she was done taking a shower. WEN hair gives that extra shine and that luscious feel.

After hearing the review, I would not mind giving this product a shot. I do not mind saving some time in the shower by using an all-in-one product for my hair. Also, I definitely do not mind having my hair look absolutely gorgeous.

I really believe that WEN By Chaz has the potential to become the next revolutionary thing in the hair care industry and on the amazon market. The creator of WEN, Chaz Dean, has been moving forward with this product, and I think this is something that I would recommend to anyone.


Wen by Chaz Enhances Fine Hair

Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner earned another loyal user in an editor for Bustle. After seeing the famous Wen by Chaz infomercials for years and craving the same gorgeous locks she saw women enjoying from just one use of the miraculous cleansing conditioner product, she sought out to try the cleansing conditioner for herself. To document her results on Sephora, she created a week long challenge, during which she would only use the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner instead of her normal shampoo or conditioner and then style her hair as desired. The editor described her normal hair as fine and uninspired. She was hoping that the WEN on amazon by Chaz cleansing conditioner would be the ultimate saving grace in adding volume and life back into her hair so that she did not dread styling it in the mornings. As the before and after pictures in the article show, on the days that she made the time to wash her hair with the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner, there was a dramatic difference in its overall vitality and volume. She recommends it to readers, if they are hoping to pump up their hair without using too much product and weight it down.

WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner is revolutionary as a hair care product because it does the work of five different hair care products all in one use. Besides saving money and space, the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner works on all different types of women’s hair. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is one of the few hair care products on the market that actually makes hair healthier with continued use over time. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is most effective when it is applied primarily to the ends of the hair so that it locks in moisture and heals split ends.

Cutting the Calories With OrganoGold Coffee

Bernardo Chua has been in the beverage business for a long time. While it has taken him all around the world, he now wants others to understand the pleasure of quality coffee. However, how is he able to do this? After all, the United States has “quality” coffee, right? Well, not exactly. Most of the coffee now used in locations around the country are actually inferior coffee, only the coffee is pumped with sugar and fat in the form of whipped cream, flavorings and other unnatural products. Coffee should be one of the most natural beverages anyone drinks, right along there with tea. The fact of the matter though is the vast majority of individual drink coffee that is terrible for them. That is exactly why Bernardo wants to bring OrganoGold to the masses and to give them a healthy option.

So what makes OrganoGold the healthy alternative to other coffees out there. Well, there are a few reasons why. This is beyond the fact that Bernardo has found only the best coffee beans located anywhere around the world. The main reason though why the coffee is healthy is because it is not soaked in flavors produced in a factor. It also does not have any added sugar or cream placed into the beverage either. All of this makes it possible for someone to drop hundreds, if not thousands of calories every single day. This drop makes it possible for someone to shed multiple pounds off of their frame in a given month, all by switching from traditional coffee to OrganoGold coffee.

But wait, aren’t there suppose to be coffee options that are super bad for you? What about the flavored coffee, that is good for you, right? Well, the problem with flavored coffee is the coffee beans soak in an artificial flavoring that is later passed on into the flavor of the beverage. The flavor typically is manufactured inside of a factory, and this simply is pushed into the coffee after the beans are ground up and soaked up water. So, OrganoGold gives individuals the chance to cut down on their calories and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee for the first time in a long time, all without being forced to drink an inferior cup of coffee.

Facebook makes evident that Bernardo strives to provide the very best kind of coffee to coffee drinkers. OrganoGold stands as a top product found anywhere.  It’s a big part of the reason Bernardo has won 5 people’s choice awards.

Healthy Dog Food Market Surges and Still Grows

According to Walmart.com news article on pet foods, companies have become obsessed with the quality of products that they make for the pets. In fact, the diet of pet food has improved to the level that it is also safe for human consumption. During an impromptu testing of the Fresh Inc. factory in Bethlehem, the manufacturing chef Michael Hieger picked a slice from the manufacturing line and ate it as a way of proving how delectable it can be. Gone are the days when organizations would offer organic grain-free food as animal feed, now they have to keep up with the competition and create healthy delicacies for the pets.

To get a healthy dog, one must be ready to give it the best in term of diet. Dogs have taste buds like humans and would like to be able to eat a meal that is tasty. Though one might be forced to spend more on quality food as compared to organic, this should not concern them as they will end up saving because the dog will be healthy and there will be no need to get medicines or healthy supplements.

Benefits of using Beneful products

Beneful dog dry food products are made with real ingredients, elements that would be found on a dinner table and you can either select to fill your dog’s diets with one nutritious meal or keep on changing occasionally. There are beef products, chicken products, fish products, and egg products that will ensure that your dog is not only satisfied but also healthy. Now more dog owners are open to the idea of filling the diets of their pet with real products and treats: https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/ that have healthy benefit as compared to using dry organic products which one cannot be sure about the products used or even the health benefit.

About Beneful

An example of such a company which believes in the slogan of feeling the pet bowls with joy of happiness and goodness of healthy is Beneful. The company makes dog food that is enriched with essential ingredients for canine needs. The Purinastore enterprise is known to manufacture dog food that is filled with taste and texture that will not only nourish the dog. Those who use products from this company are guaranteed to have a happy dog.



Dick DeVos Shapes Education, Politics, and Society

Inside Philanthropy recently featured Dick DeVos in an article explaining his life and career. The article begins with a discussion on how Richard Devos earned his fortune. In particular, the article described that Richard DeVos earned his wealth through “direct marketing” schemes. While “direct marketing” schemes are a controversial topic, the article handled this controversial topic deftly. It acknowledged the criticism but also pointed out the great success it brought to Richard Devos. The focus of this article, however, was not Richard Devos’ wealth but was instead what Dick DeVos did with that wealth.

Dick DeVos uses his wealth to influence a variety of important institutions in society. The primary beneficiaries of Dick DeVos’ generosity are initiatives for education reform and politicians who reflect his conservative values. His investments in education reform have proven particularly successful. These investments have allowed thousands of poor students to attend and succeed in private schools. Similarly, Dick DeVos created the first public charter high school for aviation. Dick DeVos also gives generously to the arts. One of their most innovative pursuits is ArtPrize. ArtPrize is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a competition decided by public vote and an expert jury.

Dick DeVos’ donations also reflect his belief in free market economics. He was a significant supporter of a right to work law in Michigan that would have prevented forced unionization of workers. In addition to his advocacy for a right to work, DeVos also gave to the Heritage Foundation, which is a think tank based on principles of free enterprise and limited government.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

How Wikipedia Can Do Wonders For Your Business

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of having to read each long Wikipedia page we could simply press a button and have it read to us? Well, that is exactly what Wikipedia and some engineers are trying to make possible. Wikipedia has approached the KTH Royal Institute of Technology university in Sweden to help develop a software that will allow users to have sections read to them. They were approached because they have had previous experience with other text-to-speech technologies. The servers for this technology will be hosted by Wikipedia. However, it will also be made available to anyone as an open-source platform. Wikipedia users would be able to record text and correct mistakes. A further development being planned is the ability of a recording to correct future transcriptions. The initial development of the text-to-speech software will be in Swedish. This is because the funding is coming from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority. After it is developed in Swedish, it will support basic English and then move on to Arabic. After that, it will be expanded to support the rest of the two hundred and eighty languages.

The truth is, Wikipedia is getting bigger and more advanced. However, it is already a mammoth project and is looked upon as a reliable source of information by many, if not most, people. This fact is acknowledged by Google and the other search engines, as indicated by their search results. For example, when someone searches for information about a certain company or anything else, a Wikipedia page will likely come up among the first search results. However, many companies fail to take advantage of this marketing opportunity. There are people who are capable of excellent Wikipedia business page creation. For example, Get Your Wiki is a group of professional Wiki editors for hire that create Wikipedia pages for businesses. The truth is that having a Wikipedia page will do wonders for your business. When people search the web for information about your business and a Wikipedia page comes up, they start looking at your company as an authoritative business. Just having a Wikipedia page will do wonders. When you create a Wikipedia page it gives your company a good name, it is even better.However, it is not possible for anyone to simply start and make a Wikipedia page about their business. There are rules and guidelines, and you are not allowed write about yourself in a promotional manner. That’s why you should hire Wiki experts from Get Your Wikito provide professional Wikipedia pages to businesses.

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