A Fashion Steal For Steelers Fans

Starting this season, the Pittsburgh Steelers have introduced a bold, dramatic change to their entire team fashion line. Fans of the Steelers can now get their hands on team apparel that has been designed with the wearer in mind. Rather than just a handful of jerseys on a rack, Steelers fashionistas now have entire team oriented clothing lines to chose from. These lines are designed for all ages, genders, sizes, and styles in mind, allowing Steelers pride to run in the family. New additions to the apparel line include Pandora charms, labels like Nike Golf, Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Bahama. Furthermore, color changes have resulted in more pinks, neon yellows, and metallic golds in order to distinguish the women’s clothing as well as add some flair to the previously drab palate. Other changes include rugged apparel for those who want to display their fandom at work, a move that will certain pander to those in the steel industry. Most popular however will be the option to buy the apparel that players are depicted wearing. These items are marked on the website with a sign that says “Wear What We Wear”. This total rework of fashion helps true Steelers fanatics to get closer to the action. This overhaul of Steelers apparel has been overseen by Susan McGalla, formerly of American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal Inc. The changes have not only been to the clothing, but also to the marketing strategies as well as branding. Simply put, it was not enough for McGalla to simply change the clothes, she desired to change the culture of sports based apparel. This shift, according to McGalla, has been a direct result of fan feedback. By utilizing social networking, McGalla is able to better determine, and thus provide, the apparel that fans want the most. A Pittsburgh resident, McGalla has been a driving force of success in the retail world for years, managing to become the president of American Eagle Outfitters and the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. After finding success with these brands, McGalla strives to bring her winning record to the famed success of the Steelers organization.

Getting Better For Writing Wiki Articles

Wikipedia is an excellent place that writers can practice. It is for free, so there is no chance of losing a job or making less money from making a mistake. Also, some people read Wikipedia articles so they can learn more things about topics that are unfamiliar to them. Learning how to be a Wikipedia writers takes lots of effort because of the time needed to learn all the rules and read through all the guides a few times so you know that whatever you decide to write is going to be written correctly.

Most people want to write an article when starting out instead of making small edits, because editing takes a whole lot less time than writing an article by one’s self, even if the article is relatively short.

Make connections with other contributors so you can have people to proofread over your work and you will be able to look over their work as well. Not only will the articles that you write be a lot better because someone else can look over it and catch mistakes that you might not ever would have caught is one way you can benefit. Also, believe it or not, part of becoming a better writer is improving others’ writing because they have different styles and use different words than you would probably use.

Get Your Wiki writes Wikipedia articles for people that are not very good at writing, not well informed about a certain topic, or simply do not have the time to write the article. Many people who need articles written already have another job that occupies their time. Get Your Wiki even translates articles into a wide range of different languages.

Another reason why Get Your Wiki is so popular is because the workers at this great company always make sure that the quality of the product is going to satisfy you the first time you order it, rather than having to ask for lots of revisions. Most would recommend this website which can be found at www.GetYourWiki.com.

Always use references. Encyclopedias are always chock full of references because people reading encyclopedias are always going to find out information that is true, rather than material that is intended solely to entertain readers.

Whatever you decide to write about on Wikipedia, make sure that whatever you are going to write about, you know plenty about the subject. Also, make sure that the format is going to work out well.

Stephen Murray – The Man Behind CCMP Capital’s Success

Setting up the necessary elements for capital management doesn’t have to be complicated. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an investment banking and private equity firm that specializes in this area. Stephen Murray, the former President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital and his team of financial experts suggest their clients to start by simply reviewing their financial portfolios at this company.

Paying attention to how your business is owned it critical. Where do you stand in terms of fund collection is another thing to consider when opening a new business or expanding an existing one. Many venture capitalists are eager to invest in the right companies with right balance of business practice and ethics. Say your business was designated a particular venture capitalist to get the needed funds and then forgot to allocate more fund sources when the business grew. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on fortune is dedicated to connect its clients to the right set of venture capitalists in all situations.

A business wants to add one or more units/department to its existing production facility. The benefits of having this company oversee capital management in such a situation are many. This means that often, upon the expansion, the firm will see what areas need to be scrutinized. Your business also wants to establish trust with the company looking after these functions. CCMP Capital will define your business planning objectives as well. If you decide to meet with future fund sources, you can save yourself time and money though this firm. Funding is the most basic element of small businesses. You would probably rather determine the fate of your small business by the amount of fund you receive. That’s why it is essential to consult a reliable equity firm like CCMP Capital. Without sound advice in this matter, it could take a lot longer for your business to find funding source. Choosing the right firm can often be a discussion among management executives. Your business could also split many responsibilities pertaining to finance management with the firm you are consulting. You may decide that the firm is more experienced in handling these matters than in-house personnel. It’s always safe and good to have a backup plan when it comes to capital management.

About CCMP Capital’s former president

Stephen Murray popularly known as Steve was a private equity investor, President and Chief Executive Office of CCMP Capital. He had a great track record as a President of he company. He focused on growth equity transactions and buyout during his tenure as the CEO of the company. Murray graduated from Boston College in the year 1984. He earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration in 1989 at Columbia Business School. Murray supported many non-profit organizations in Boston and New York while at CCMP.

James Dondero; a Brainiac in the World of Finance

For a man with a thirty year experience in credit and equity markets particularly focusing on high-yield and distressed investing, James David Dondero, commonly referred to as Jim on Linked In is a force to reckon with. He is the co-founder, president managing partner and portfolio manager of Highland Capital Management which a Dallas-based investment management firm.

The firm was started in 1993 and it has since been a pioneer in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation market and also in developing credit solutions for retail investors as well as institutional investors all over the world. The firm has had award winning product offerings some of which include hedge funds, private equity funds, institutional separate accounts, CLOs and mutual funds among others. Some of these awards include, the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities which was received in 2014 and Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation. However the journey of the brains behind all the running and management of the firm did not begin from the inception of the firm.
James Dondero of Bloomberg Research journey began in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. This was after he graduated from the University of Virginia from the McIntire School of Commerce with not a single but dual major in Accounting and Finance with the highest honors. He became a Corporate Bond Analyst and later the Portfolio Manager at American Express between 1985 and 1989. This was a good climb up the ladder of success. From the American Express, Dondero helped build out the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life from inception to over two billion dollars in AUM between 1989 to 1993 when he served as the Chief Investment Officer. It is these huge successes in the analysts’ world that made pushed him into starting his own firm and together with Mark Okada they formed Highland Capital Management.

Other qualifications making him a great analyst is the fact that he is Certified Management Accountant and has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. For this reason, he not only manages the firm but also responsible for determining and ensuring that the firm’s strategic investment and operational initiatives are successfully executed. Mr. Dondero’s exceptional leadership skills are not only witnessed in his management of Highland Capital Management.

He serves as a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Other than that, he is also Chairman of Nexbank, CCS Medical Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare. He as affiliations with a number of companies including Safety-Kleen Inc, NeibourCare Inc among others.
Mr. James Dondero is also known to be actively in a number of philanthropic activities. This is because he does regular donations to a number of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people who are in need. The contributions he makes are mostly directed to education funds, veteran’s affairs and public policy.
Today, James Dondero is a man who is described as a high-quality individual and the reason he has earned such high accolades is his tremendous success in financial business world, a world of figures and algorithms.

One Life to Live the Morasco Way

One life to live was my favorite show till it ended two years ago. It’s a show that centers on the town of Llanview.It revolves around the life of a wealthy family and its relationship with other families. It explores the relationship, love, hatred, manipulation and drama in this town. It lasted more than 40 years.The show was the 1st to break several grounds. It was the 1st to feature interracial dating, 1st interclass integration on TV, 1st to show drug addiction and 1st to explore psychiatric issues.

The show lasted 45 seasons and had over 11,000 episodes. A total of 13 executive producers served on the show. The set was in Stamford Connecticut and New York. The show has received numerous awards. Its actors have also dominated Emmy awards for years. It has won more than 50 awards during its lifetime. Erika Slezak has won 6 Emmy awards from the show. In 1993, it won an award for its portrayal of homosexuality. This pioneers spirit is what attracted me to the show.

There was a character called Stacy Morasco played by Crystal Hunt on the show. She played the role for three seasons. She was a Vegas stripper returning from Vegas with her sister. In Llanview, she falls for her high schools crush Rex Balsom. The only problem is Rex Balsom is now engaged to Gigi. She tricks Rex into sleeping with her and falls pregnant. Her plan to trap him with a child backfires when she has miscarriage. It greatly disheartens her, but she is determined to go ahead with her plan. She sleeps with Oliver Fish and tries to pass the new pregnancy as Rex. She later gives birth to a baby girl who Gigi claims. Her character ends after she falls into a lake. In the show; she has flings with three men. She doesn’t fear to express herself. I fell in love with her character portrayal due to the intensity in which she acted.

Crystal was born 30 years ago in Clearwater Florida. She started acting in Pageants at the age of 2.She first burst into the limelight as Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime series Guiding Light. Her role here would earn her an Emmy nomination and would last four years, and that earned her a pretty huge Instagram following too. She also appeared in the Film the Derby Stallion. She later starred in the film Sydney White. In 2009; she played Stacy Morasco in my favorite show. In 2013, she starred in the movie NYC underground. It’s a story about four drug slinging teenagers. In 2014, she appeared on the film 23 blasts. She is set to appear on queens of drama and has also produced her 1st show tilted Talbot County.

When to switch dog foods

Food is incredibly important to the well being of your dog and it is essential to provide your dog with the right dog food to grow up right when they are young and maintain their health when they are adults. While many different dog foods can be the right choice for your dog there are times when your pet may be suffering from the wrong diet. This article will highlight what signs to look for when considering your pets health in regards to their dog food.

Your dog should be active and engaged and observing any behavior that renders them listless or stationary is a sign that something is wrong. Tired and bored dogs who are not engaged in the family life may be impacted by poor quality food. While the problem may not be connected to their food, it is a good place to consider and you should seek immediate assistance from your vet. Keeping that it in mind it is important to use a dog food brand that is popular and highly recommended by vets around the country. That brand is Nestle Purina’s Beneful line of dog food which is the number one recommended brand in the United States and the trusted food choice of many pet owners. Since they are the best selling brand, the greatest number of pet owners use this brand without problems. If your dog is having problems with their pet food make the switch to Beneful and see your dog in better health as a result.

Another sign that your dog may be in the need of a change in dog food is the presence of any sort of allergic reaction. Just like with people certain dogs may be susceptible to certain ingredients and their dog owners may need to be extra cautious as a result. That is why you should choose a brand of dog food that offers a variety of different offerings as they will surely have varieties and recipes that do not include the ingredients that your pet is allergic to. Some of the major brands such as Beneful even have varieties for dogs who are susceptible to allergies and can thus satisfy any need. Ask your vet for a recommended Beneful dog food variety if your dog is suffering an allergy from another brand and see if it solves the problem. A simple switch to a high quality manufacturer of dog food like Beneful can do the trick sometimes.

Finally, make sure that the dog food you are offering your pet is fresh. Some lesser known brands of dog food don’t sell all that well and sit on the shelves of pet stores for a long time, even years in reported cases. Instead, to avoid this, purchase only a leading brand like Beneful.