Bruce Levenson: Successful Businessman And Caring Long-Time Philanthropist

For almost 40 years, Bruce Levenson has been running successful businesses. He started his first company, the United Communications Group, in a room in his apartment in Washington DC in 1978. He co-founded the business with Ed Peskowitz. UCG provided valuable information to businesses in the energy, telecommunications, healthcare, banking, and many other industries through their publication Oil Express. UCG soon bought of a series of other newsletters and founded a number of databases. One of the most prominent was the Oil Price Information Service. The company also owned GasBuddy, an app that guided motorists to the lowest gas prices in their community.

While Levenson was long well-known and highly-respected in the business community, the average person never heard of him until he became a majority partner in the Atlanta Spirit group that bought the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 for $250 million. Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit improved the team, hired a new coach and general manager, cut payroll, and in 2014-15 the Atlanta Hawks had their best season in team history. At the end of the season, Levenson and the Atlanta Spirit sold the team for $850 million. It was yet another good business deal for Bruce Levenson.

Another business in which Levenson was involved was the IT media company TechTarget. Levenson was director of this publicly traded company for its first 13 years of existence. He also served as an advisor for the private equity firm BIA Digital Partners. But it is in the publishing industry where Levenson’s work is most appreciated and celebrated, and rewarded with numerous accolades. Levenson was a member of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association Board of Directors. In 1997 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Software and Information Industry Association.

Another area of Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson‘s life of which many people are not aware is his philanthropy. For decades he has given his time, talent, and millions of dollars to a number of charitable causes without much fanfare. He was one of the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s founding donors and provides the funding for its program which trains students from the inner city to serve as tour guides. The program is called Bringing the Lessons Home. Levenson was also president of the Washington chapter of an educational program for low income youth called the I Have a Dream Foundation

Levenson has also long been involved in philanthropic organizations like the Hoop Dreams Foundation, Washington, D.C.s Community Foundation, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, Seeds of Peace, the SEED Foundation, and many others. Levenson and his wife Karen also helped to create the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership in 2010. The center, which is housed on the campus of the University of Maryland, teaches students how to start, fund, and run nonprofit organizations.

The center also works to make students aware of the importance of philanthropy and provides them with information on philanthropic organizations worldwide that are having an important impact on people’s lives. The students are encouraged to support them.

How White Shark Media Takes Complaints Seriously

Our clients at White Shark Media have given us many compliments throughout the years. We have also listened to our fair share of complaints. We want to note that we are working towards taking care of any complaint or problem that you, as our customer, may have, so that you will always come back to our services. The following is some of the complaints that we have listened to, and our responses to them.

One of the most important concerns for us is communication. Clients have repeatedly told us that their contact person was never clear enough after they signed up with our company. To fix this, we will have a Senior SEM Consultant follow every single client from start to finish. They will also be there if the client has any questions or concerns that their contact person cannot help them with.

We will also hold monthly phone calls between all clients and their SEM Strategist, using GoToMeeting. With GoToMeeting, both parties will share a screen, making it easier to look over all transactions together that have occurred in the past thirty days. Additionally, clients will no longer have to go through a receptionist when they want to get in touch with their contact person. All clients will be given an email upon set-up, which will include the direct phone line to their contact person, along with the phone number to their supervisor.

Clients have also stated that they don’t like that their campaigns are created on our accounts. Since late 2012 we have used newly created AdWords accounts in order to start fresh for every new campaign. If you have a campaign that is doing well, we do not want to see you leave a good place to start somewhere else. We would like the continuing opportunity to work with you on a campaign account that is doing well.

A big problem is the compliant that clients are losing touch with the AdWords Campaigns, and this is one that we take very seriously. From the start, our clients will now be given detailed information about how to navigate their campaign easily. We want all our clients to be able to see how certain ads or keywords are doing whenever they desire.

Lastly, we do not offer SEO services at this time, which has been a common compliant. But we will be thrilled to take a look at the SEO company you are currently using, to help you figure out if they are helpful or detrimental to your campaign.

Shaygan Kheradpir: An Icon of Business Success

An Icon of Business Success
Born and raised in London, Shaygan did not have such a settled education due to the fact that he traveled across continents to pursue education at different levels. His was such a normal livelihood, and nothing special about his family could be attributed to his success his father having been an ear, eyes and throat doctor back in the days. Shyagan Kheradpir went through his grade school studies in Switzerland and eventually to the United States to pursue his bachelor’s degree, masters, and doctorate all at Cornell University. His was an electrical engineering course, and that was the building ground of his successful career in technology until now that he is an executive in technology and a successful business man. The inspiration of his success can be attributed to a lot of things right from the youth of Mr. Shaygan. This article will look at this man in line with his success.

One thing that undisputedly sparked exemplariness in the journey of Shaygan is his education system. He worked hard in school and to add unto to his excellence, the American system of education is known to have great impact on his success. Cornel University is among the most recognized universities in the states and even the world over. It instills in one quality values and skills that one can apply in the real life world and come out successfully. One example of the people who benefited from this system is Mr. Shaygan definitely.

In every other company that Shaygan works in, he is seen to be someone who is quite exemplary in terms of accepting changes and inculcation technological advances into the organization only if to increase the success of the business. This virtue has been seen to have greatly assisted him and more often he would be seen rising even beyond his seniors. The one instance where Shaygan is evidenced as such a flexible person is when he adopted network routing into Verizon during his time there. His willingness to accept changes thus influenced his success a great deal.

How does the way one handles his or her employees affect the running of the organization? This is a question that seeks to unveil the kind of relationship that is existent among the workers of an organization especially between the top authority and the members of the lower rank. How the boss deals with their employees has an impact on the success as business insiders would advise us and one man who values his employees is Mr. Shaygan. He has a very special way of dividing his members of the organization into various groups that would work into achieving the target goals of the organization. In a much-disciplined way, he would motivate his employees and advise them accordingly. With his knowledge of individuals in the company, he would group them into functional groups in order to overcome the weaknesses that some of them might be having, and that might be reducing the efficiency of growth.

Top paid Citadel’s Hedge Fund Manager Profile: Ken Griffin

Kenneth C. Griffin is an American hedge manager and the proud owner and the CEO of the multibillion dollar hedge fund company Citadel. He was born on the 15th of October 1968 in Dayton Beach, Florida. After joining Harvard University to pursue a degree in economics, Ken Griffin on citadel developed interest in hedge fund and its management after he came across a Forbes magazine article and read it. His interest pushed him and by his second academic year at university he had already founded and established a hedge fund that was dedicated to convertible bond arbitrage. Lacking enough capital to start and finance the hedge fund, Griffin borrowed money from family and friends. His grandmother gave him her lifetime savings that totaled up to $265,000. This wasn’t enough. He needed technology so as to keep track and updated of the real time statistics market data. For this reason, he installed am makeshift satellite-like device in his residence to serve him. He then launched a second fund in 1987 that managed about $1 million. In 1989, he completed his bachelors from Harvard University and graduated with a distinction.

Ken Griffin manages an alternative investment management company, Citadel that is considered as being one of the largest and highly profitable in the world. Citadel is estimated to be having assets and capital that are over $26 billion in total. The 2012’s most paid hedge fund manager and household name in Forbes 400, a New York investor, Frank Meyer provided Griffin with funding of $1 million make an investment in hedge funding. After accumulating funds to a tune of $4. 6 million, he founded Citadel in 1990. Through consistency in the business, Citadel grew to having more than $1 billion investment and over 100 employees who were experienced and highly skilled. At the age of 34, he appeared on the Forbes list and being the youngest ever to appear and was valued at $650 million. Fortune magazine too enlisted Griffin as being 35th in America among the self-made young and wealthy category who are below forty years in 2004. In March 2015, the Great Places to Work Institute awarded Citadel as the best workplaces in the finance industry in America.

Recently, he hit many newspaper headlines by making a historic donation of $150 million to his former college, Harvard University’s Financial Aid Office. To honor the historic donation and the level of generosity that the alumni had portrayed, the Financial Aid Office was renamed to Ken Griffin ’89. The donation is meant to finance and brilliant Harvard University students. Although the donation was historic, it was not the first time he was supporting the institution. He had supported it since 1999 and established a scholarship for honoring his father named Wayne Gratz Scholarship. The 45-year-old is supports educational causes and a member of community guided organizations like Commercial Club of Chicago and Economic Club of Chicago. Griffin loves art and contemporary cultural centres through his support for Museum of Contemporary Art and Art Institute of Chicago. The father of three is estimated to be worth $6.6 billion, according to statistics and Forbes ranking of May 2015.

The Formidable Susan P. McGalla

Susan McGalla is a 41-year-old American businesswoman, who has had a successful corporate and retail career serving in several top executive positions throughout her career as well as serving as an executive consultant for her company P3 Executive Consultant, LLC. She is also a board member of HFF Incorporated, a company that provides real estate services, and the Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

Susan P. McGalla hails from East Liverpool, Ohio. She was raised together with two older brothers by supportive parents who encouraged hard work, confidence and the pursuance of good ideas regardless of gender. She credits some of her success to her football coach father. According to McGalla, gender was considered as neither a helpful nor a hindering factor. Thus, from an early age she became comfortable working with both men and women.

McGalla attended Mount Union College where she received her BA in business marketing, and later joined Joseph Horne Company where she began her career, and in the process landing various marketing and eventual managerial positions. She later joined American Eagles Outfitters in 1994 as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. While serving here, she blossomed due to her creativity, hard work and independence to become the company’s president and chief merchandising officer in charge of design and marketing for the American Eagle Brand. In her tenure, the company attained revenues of up to 3 billion dollars, increased their total brands to four and opened an e-commerce site. In 2007, she became the president and chief merchandising officer for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. In 2011, McGalla joined the wet seal, Inc as chief executive officer. At wet Seal, she was tasked with reinventing the company brand. Her time with Wet Seal saw the company improve its product trends and quality. She especially focused on customer research, development, creativity and budgeting.

McGalla later entered into the world of consultancy opening her own firm, P3 Executive Consulting, in 2013. She offered her expertise and vast work experience in the world of retail to some of the biggest financial players in the retail, clothing and corporate sectors. As of January 2015, McGalla joined the Pittsburg Steelers, LLC as director of strategic planning and growth.

Throughout her successful career, McGalla has helped in one way or another to champion for the rights and position of women in both the corporate and retail sector. She once stated that she joined American Eagle outfit when it was a predominantly male company with a fully male dominated board and executive. She passionately speaks out to audiences on issues such as how to navigate the business world as a woman and staying ahead. Her vision is to see more successful businesswomen come up in 2015.

A Serial Entrepreneur Writes a Book


Marc Sparks is a self-described “serial entrepreneur” who has started literally hundreds of businesses over the last 30 years. Some of these businesses have been spectacular successes, and some have been spectacular failures. Sparks is the ultimate self-made man. Instead of a Harvard MBA and family money, he has only a high school diploma. He earned a mere C+ grade point average in school. Recently, Sparks published a book about his decades as an entrepreneur, and he also wrote a blog entry about why he did so.

Why Write a Book?

In his blog entry, Sparks poses the question of why anyone would write a book at all. He says that many people write books for money, but that this isn’t a great reason considering that very few books earn real money relative to the time it took to create them. He says that some people write books to satisfy their own egos and that anyone who says they don’t have an ego is lying.

Sparks says that he wrote his own book for a different reason: to give inspiration to struggling entrepreneurs. Basically, by writing about his many adventures and misadventures in the business world, Sparks is trying to give back to the American society he loves and to show others that success is possible even without family wealth or connections.

I enjoyed this blog entry because in it you get a real sense of the author’s enthusiasm for and enjoyment of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Sparks describes his book as a “high five to the American Dream,” and I think that’s a terrific phrase. I’m not much of an entrepreneur myself, but I think it’s inspiring that Sparks was able to succeed on his own terms and wants to share what he’s learned along the way.

Marcio Alaor And His Contribution Towards The Success Of BMG Bank In Brazil

BMG bank is one of the most prestigious financial institutions not only in Brazil but globally. The company’s history can be traced back to more than 80 years since the company commenced their operations. BMG bank began their operations by venturing into financial services market as a family business, before engaging into series of venture that would see the company provide innovative solutions through products such as home mortgages, vehicle finance scheme, corporate asset finance, and payroll credit card.

BMG bank has affirmed their dominant market position by consistently streamlining their sales department with internal business operations. This strategy has led into the development of a business brand name reputable from a tradition that emphasizes on quality service provisions. In addition, BMG bank has deployed a robust and scalable information system infrastructure that enables the institution to take advantage of modern concepts such as big data analytics that deliver business intelligence.

It is through business intelligence that BMG bank is able to derive hidden but meaningful customer related information that drives the growth of new products and services.

BMG bank boasts of a talented workforce, and thus has adopted high level corporate governance practices. Today the bank is relying on their board of management whereby up to 40% of the same board members are independent. Such sovereignty is unusual from companies with a history of family owned and controlled business.

This strategy implies that the organization wants to do things in a different manner so that they may increase their product portfolio and at the same time market valuation.

Another strategy implemented by the bank is that they prefer operating with high quality credit portfolios. Most financial institutions operate on a very risky model of lending money. In certain cases, money gets lost, a situation that impacts negatively on the bank’s balance sheet. BMG bank in Brazil understands such risks. In most cases, fraud is common from both insiders who are employees working with the organization and outsiders who happens to be the clients. With such a scenario in the limelight, the bank has responded by establishing an anti-fraud unit and an internal anti-money laundering program. The company has also initiated an independent Audit and strategic investor relation program to mitigate on business risks.

The above initiatives would not have been possible without insightful business leaders. One such boss that the bank is blessed to have is Mr. Marcio Alaor who is the current vice president.

Mr. Alaor is a prudent business leader with decades of banking experience. Mr. Alaor clearly understands the changing business dynamics in the financial industry and these are the reasons why he aggressively implements sound business policies that drive BMG business forward. He consults widely on management issues working hand in hand with the banks board.

Cracking Good Time in the UK Capital – London Vacation Rentals

A great deal of options exist when visiting London, world-renowned as being a perfect mix of foggy and having expensive and frankly overpriced hotel lodgings. WorldEscape is part of the new sharing economy, with highly qualified experts linking you up with the best lodgings available at an affordable price.

From the classiest vacation rentals in the posh part of town, to hip clean and fun hostels and boutique hotels with Gothic and Tudor architecture, World Escape has the option to fit your needs. Transparent pricing and helpful customer service from WorldEscape will be there when you need it most. Get the optimal amount of sightseeing and forget the hassle.

Families may want to visit Trafalgar Square, get tickets for Royal Shakespeare company and West End Productions. In addition, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are a few solid options. Typical tourist fare in central London also includes traversing the Thames with the London Eye. Coram’s Fields is frequented by families with younger children. WorldEscape has fully furnished and convenient locations within walking distance of these attractions.

Young couples or singles may opt for Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly. The latter are hotspots for nightlife, and range from VIP to jeans and trainers. Former New Yorkers may enjoy the tranquility of Hyde Park. The classiest of travelers should have no problem with the world-renowned Royal Opera House, London Museum and London Symphony Orchestra (Barbican Centre). If you’re young and have a little bit more discretionary income than most, check out locations around Kensington and Chelsea.

An ideal combination of family fun and perhaps adult rowdiness is visiting a Premier League game during your stay here at WorldEscape properties. As you can see, there’s no shortage of diversity

Keep in mind, most of the above activities are located in central London, where prices are a touch higher, simply due to insatiable demand. Fortunately, Great Britain has excellent public transportation, allowing visitors to extend their pound with accommodations like flats in the London suburbs.

Beneful Has Made A Good Name For Itself

People love it when a brand seems to care just as much about the products that it is making as the one who is purchasing them does. People love it when a brand shows that it cares through putting out ads that tell everyone just how much work and care that it puts into the products that it is making. Beneful is a brand like that, and that is why so many people have come to love it. They appreciate that it is a brand that cares about what it is doing, and they feel great buying some products for their pets from it because of that.
When a brand shows that it cares about what it is doing people begin to feel that they can trust that brand. They begin to feel as if the brand personally cares about them, and they love that they can feel responsible when they are purchasing items from that brand. Beneful allows people to feel great about what it is doing all of the time. It helps people to know that they can make good choices for their pets without having to do too much work themselves. Beneful allows every pet owner the opportunity to have a healthy pet.
One thing that Purina Beneful has always been careful to do is to put only good ingredients into its products. It has made sure to test everything for quality, and it has made sure to do what is best for every pet’s health. It wants to give pet owners a product that they can feel confident in, and that is why it has been working so hard to make sure that every decision that it is making as a brand is a good one.
People love seeing that a brand cares about them and the things that it is making for them, and Beneful has proven just how greatly it cares about all of that over and over again. This brand has been there for every pet owner who wants to do good things for their pet since day one, and many people have come to depend on the brand for the great, healthy products that it is offering to them. They appreciate how honest and caring this brand is, and they cannot imagine feeding their pet food from any other brand. Beneful has made a good name for itself through working hard and doing the right thing.

Skout- a dating site that offers great befriending opportunities

The contemporary world is full of mobile applications that promise a lot of blind dates for you. All of these applications are either a hoax or follow a different paradigm for matching people. Skout probably is the only dating app that offers great befriending opportunities online.

Gone are the days when you were bound to send out hundreds of winks and unnecessary messages in order to enamor opposite sex and go on a blind date. Skout allows you to befriend people by shaking your cell phone in style. You can shake the phone to find a match for you and then you can impress the person with your unmatchable wit and indomitable charm.

Though finding a friend on Skout is easy, but keeping them is something that will require incessant efforts. Skout being one of the most popular dating applications on the Internet is being used by millions of people, all these people are trying to enamor the prettiest ones and make friendship with them. In order to maintain a great friend list, you will have to get regular with efforts and messages.

You can always download funny jokes from other sites and use them for enamoring the person you have started feeling for. The idea here is to try everything in order to keep that friend that you have won after multitude efforts.

The Skout application on uses your location to match you with single people who are ready to mingle from your area. You can also search for people with the help of tags related to height, ethnicity and area they belong to. You can also add your personal details to your profile and control their visibility.

Life is going to be fun and really amazing with an application on phone that allows you to make new friends and talk to them throughout the day for free. You need not to pay any money for accessing the application. Skout app is available only for Android users, but very soon it is going to be available for users of other platform.

Millions of people are looking for their love interest on the Internet; a lot of people have been successful in their endeavors; if you are one of those single people looking forward to fall for someone exquisite from the remotest corners of the world then you must download this amazing app. Scout allows you to traverse through hundreds of profiles and send messages to people for whom you have developed a liking for.

With the help of this one app, you can make friends throughout the globe and keep up with all the developmental news or if you are lucky enough then you might end up finding your soul mate on the application.