How a Businesswoman can Monetize her Passion

The average person has a passion. At the same time, the average person never pursues his passion due to a lot of reasons that she could think of. Among the most common reasons they do not pursue their passions is that they do not know how to monetize it. They are also afraid of losing their jobs and winding up in unfavorable circumstances. However, there are other ways that they can pursue their passions without having to leave their jobs as it depends on their circumstances. For one thing, they could pursue it part time outside of their work.

The Internet has made it a lot easier for women to be able to pursue what they want. Since millions are connected, it saves a lot of the work that they would have had to do in order to make income from their passions. Depending on what they are passionate about, they could look at different platforms that they could use to work on what they are passionate about. At the same time, the journey to profit is often a long journey. There is a trial and error phase that could be cut short when one learns from others that has gone out before her and succeeded.

Among the sources of information a woman could look to is Susan McGalla on Even if Susan has a passion that is different than the person that is trying to make a name for herself, she could still learn from Susan. The journey is basically the same when one is pursuing the ability to support herself with the use of her passions. Susan McGalla is also one to look to when one needs encouragement when faced with difficulties. One interesting about Susan is that she does not relate to people on the basis of their gender. She always makes that clear. When she filled out an application for women executive awards, she has talked about how she was taught that she was not a man or a woman, but a person. She maintained her stance even when asked to write something else.

A lot of success comes down to attitude, and Susan has the type of attitude that women should model when they run a business. It is a lot easier to maintain a positive attitude when someone is pursuing what she is passionate about. When one is stuck in a less desirable position, she may be tempted throw fits and be negative.

Planning for the Future


One of the biggest aspects of planning for the future is the financial side of life. There are few people that truly understand how to plan for the future when it comes to their finances. There are many different factors that come into play when planning financial decisions out twenty or thirty years. Working with an investment bank that understands these different factors is a huge advantage to people that are working to plan out their future. Highland Capital by James Dondero has a lot of experience in working with their clients in planning out their future. Here are several things that must be taken into account by anyone planning their financial future.


Inflation is a measure of the increase in prices over a period of time. In general, inflation increases by a couple of percentage points each year. Anyone that is planning to retire must factor in inflation in anything that they do. The cost of living is going to be much higher several decades from now. People that do not take inflation into account when working their financial plans will underestimate how much capital they truly need. This is where the services of companies like Highland Capital will be so important to planning.

Rate of Return

The rate of return that can be earned on invested capital is another important factor to consider. In times of low interest rates, it can be difficult to earn a high rate of return without taking on a lot of risk. The current interest rates in the market are some of the lowest in history. Although this is good for borrowers, for people that are nearing retirement this can mean difficulty in finding high returns. Earning a high rate of return can make a huge difference in how long a specific amount of capital will last.

Future Needs

Another important factor to consider is future lifestyle needs of a person. For example, if a person is nearing the latter part of their life healthcare costs need to be factored in. Although most people plan on being healthy, there are many things in life that can cause a person to have ill health. Planning for an increase in these costs is just one example of future needs planning.

James Dondero

James Dondero is the President and founder of Highland Capital. He has done a great job in building up the business over the years to be one of the best in the industry. Over the years, Highland Capital has been able to help thousands of customers with their future financial planning. There are many different variables that must be considered in financial planning over a long period of time. Highland Capital is a great choice for people that want some professional help in this area.

Bruce Levenson Promotes Antony Ressler As The Next Hawks Owner

Known for offering a diverse selection of convenient offerings at
Philip’s Arena in conjunction with exemplary customer service to his
loyal Atlanta Hawks fans, Bruce Levenson and his group of
businessmen, remain leaders in the sports industry. Based in Atlanta,
Georgia, this prominent group of majority and minority Hawks
shareowners embodied excellence, teamwork, and leadership throughout
the duration of their successful team ownership. Led by experienced
businessman, Bruce Levenson of, this prominent group is the forerunner in
merging a variety of individuals into a supportive Atlanta Hawks unit.
Most prominently, his primary goal is to inspire the next Hawk’s owner
to model his mission and philosophy.

In 2015, Antony Ressler acquired the Atlanta Hawks through Goldman
Sachs and Inner Circle Sports for $850 million. Although
Levenson and his team expected to receive around $1 billion, the
majority of the renowned businessmen directly involved in the
transaction agreed that the negotiated priced accurately reflected the
team’s current state and future potential. Notably, Levenson still
generated a substantial profit from the sale even though most experts
predicted the Hawks would sell between $900 million and $1 billion.

Antony Ressler is a Georgia entrepreneur who is currently the owner of
Ares which is an extremely lucrative private equity and investment
firm in Atlanta. He is also most recognized as a strategic real estate
developer and was once one of three finalists during the Los Angeles
Clippers bidding last year. Moreover, in 2005, this prominent figure
was involved in the investment group who purchased the Milwaukee
Brewers. According to Forbes, Ressler is estimated to have a net worth
of approximately $1.4 billion.

Despite Ressler’s extensive portfolio of professional experiences,
this prominent entrepreneur was intrigued by Levenson’s profound
ownership success. Essentially, Levenson’s strategic plan to implement
services which appealed to a diverse group of individuals ultimately
increased sales in Philips Arena. Because the fans enjoyed the
convenient offerings, the participants were eager to support the Hawks
in their journey to victory. Ressler was also impressed by Levenson’s
significant partnerships with many of the sport enthusiasts as well as
the players and the support staff in the concessions and box office.
These meaningful collaborations greatly contributed to his profound

Levenson hopes his success as a Hawks owner will positively
influence Ressler’s term. In addition to maintaining significant
relationships with each member in the sports arena, Levenson also
encourages him to renovate the practice and weight room facilities.
Moreover, the current state of these buildings are considered below
NBA standards and are possibly a hindrance to attracting free agents.
In addition, Levenson advises Ressler to quickly improve the
arrangement of the luxury boxes in order to generate more revenue.

Hedge Fund Managers Are Not Always The Most Popular Investors In The Market

The 2008 recession was a devastating experience for most investors. Investors lost billions of dollars, and it has taken years for some of those investors to get their money back. A number of hedge fund managers saw an assortment of opportunities after the market crash, and they took advantage of those opportunities. Even though millions of people lost their jobs, homes and retirement funds during the recession, hedge fund managers were betting millions against the sub-prime housing market, and those hedge funds make billions in returns. That causes a major disconnect between Main Street Americans and Wall Street hedge fund managers. Some hedge fund managers did cross the line during that time, and they were convicted of inside trading or unethical conduct. But Ken Griffin the founder of Citadel LLC was not one of those hedge fund managers.

Mr. Griffin started Citadel in the 1990s after graduating from college. Griffin managed to turn Citadel into a major hedge fund management company before the market crash, but he couldn’t stop the blood bath that occurred after the crash. Griffin lost millions, and Citadel was a financial shipwreck. What Griffin decided to do next, changed his life and the lives of his investors. With borrowed money, Griffin invested in assets that other hedge funds rejected. They were too risky for some banks and pension funds, and even Griffin’s investors didn’t want him to invest in them, but he did. That decision turned the Citadel into one of the largest hedge fund management companies in the world, and it made Griffin billions of dollars.

Griffin was never accused of doing anything illegal. All he did was find alternative assets that no one else wanted, and he stayed with them until the market improved. He selected them because he believed in their value, and that’s what true hedge fund managers do. They see an opportunity and they take advantage of it even though their decision may not be the most popular decision in the business.

The non-investing public has always had a hard time understanding the nature of hedge funds. To them, hedge fund managers are greedy Wall Street investors that would do anything to make a dollar. Some hedge fund managers might be greedy people that would steal from the poor and put the money in their own pockets, but most hedge fund managers play by the rules and regulations. They serve a purpose in the investment world. They are an important tool for banks, pension funds and financially secure individuals.

The Innocent but Powerful Marketing Tactics of Doe Deere

At first glance Doe Deere looks like your average teenager. She is sweet and very bubbly. She seems like someone that might be a friend to your teenage daughter. This is the look that she presents that makes her someone that people can relate to. This is a good characteristic to possess. It lets people get a feel for who they are buying their products from. I personally think that this is genius. I don’t know how many times I have seen people trying to sell products that cannot even relate to the people that they are selling products to. This is insane. They could use pointers from Doe Deere because she knows who her fan base it, and that is who she is catering to. She has done quite well for herself, and her Lime Crime on urbanoutfitters is booming because she was smart about the marketing process.

I would say that she is one of those people that has been mysterious enough to be buzz worthy. It is like she has been able to tap into a source of female followers without having much of a television presence. She represents that new age of social media fame that lots of other older corporate heads are looking for. I think that I even discovered her through a tweet that someone sent. This is how she operates, and I have been impressed with her product line. Quality products and hot Internet buzz can take you very far. I know that she still has a long way to go, but I can see some great things in her future. I believe that she is going places, and people are going to see her move beyond the Internet.

This is what executives that are trying to market the products need. Many people that are in leadership roles do not look like they use the products they are promoting. No one wants to see a senior citizen trying to market products for the Gap. This is why many of these clothing stores are closing. There is no connection with the customer base. Doe Deere has played her cards right. She is in touch with the fans. She knows how to make people believe in her products because she is a fan of her own makeup. At least this is way that it appears. She is always marketing her own cosmetics, and that makes people take interest in it.

The best promoters aren’t talking about their products. The best promoters are using their products. No one wants to buy “Beats by Dre” headphones if you never see Dr. Dre with any on. The same thing goes for the Lime Crime makeup, and Doe Deer know that.