MaMa June to Sue TLC Over Duggar Scandel

Just when you think she will never go away, Mama June does something else stupid and puts herself and her family back in the spot light. This time the brassy blonde threatened to sue TLC over how they have handled the Duggar family and the latest scandal.

TLC didn’t jump when the Duggar scandal hit regarding Josh and charges from when he was 14 years old. They waited patiently, as this is one of their top rated shows. However, Shannon was furious because her show was cancelled over nearly the same issues.

TLC still doesn’t know what they are going to do with the show that is not currently in production. They have pulled re-runs from the line-up, but they haven’t spoken on the shows future. It doesn’t look good for the show, even though they are one of the highest rated on the network. Having Shannon breathing down their necks for a lawsuit may also be another reason for them to cancel the hit show.

When a show has bad publicity over and over, such as the Duggars for the past year, it does something to the fan base as Jaime Garcia Dias points out on FeeGow.  This has been the case lately and it was just a matter of time before it was over anyway.

Azalea Banks To Star In A New Upcoming Movie

Maybe Azalea Banks will stop complaining so much and bullying other people, now that she has some additional projects coming up. Azalea Banks will be starring in the movie called “Coco,” which will start filming soon. The movie will be produced by RZA, who is a Wu-Tang Clan member. Azalea Bank’s New Movie. Although there is not much information out about the movie yet, it’s only known that Azalea Banks will be the star of the movie. Maybe Azalea will go on social media and brag about it, and she’ll throw it in Iggy Azalea’s face, kind of like how she does everything else.

Although Azalea Banks seems to be a talented star, but she could complain a lot less, especially since she’s trying to build up her star power. Recently, Azalea complained about the BET Music Awards, which did’t sit well with Beneful people on Twitter. The BET Music Awards decided to award Nicki Minaj for Best Female Rapper for the fifth year in a row. Azalea Banks was nominated too, but she feels like it was pointless. Azalea feels the nominations are just for show, and that there is a plot to allow Nicki to win every year.

Azalea is also known for the war of words she has had with Iggy Azalea. More than likely Azalea Banks doesn’t care for Iggy Azalea because they have similar names.

The Antique Wine Company: Vintage Wines

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What Happened To George Miller’s Justice League Film?

A new documentary is being produced about Mad Max director George Miller. No, the documentary is not going to focus on the four Mad Max films he helmed. Interestingly, the documentary is going to look at the Justice League of America film Miller almost made.

Back in 2007, Miller was slated to direct a live-action Justice League film. The film was not in “development hell” and, unlike other never made movies, this was not a feature in which the pre-production involved nothing more than constant rewriting of the screenplay and getting various actors attached. The film was completely cast and was loaded with all the famous D.C. Comics heroes such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and more.

The reasons behind the plug being pulled on the film are a combination of concerns over the huge budget and the fact that Christian Bale was not going to play the role of Batman according to Steve Murray. (Anyone playing Batman in Justice League would surely be deemed the “fake Batman”) Ultimately, the film was never made even though the day of shooting was very close.

Now, a documentary is going to tell the tale of what happened with the Justice League film.


Original Movies Seem to Be Struggling in Hollywood

The plethora of remakes and reboots in Hollywood lately has many wondering if Hollywood has run out of ideas for many original productions. Movies that are adaptations from other mediums and sequels seem to be dominating all the movie and box office buzz lately. “Avengers:Age of Ultron” was a prime example of both in that it was a sequel to the first Avengers movie from 2012, which was itself an adaptation from characters in comic books onto the big screen. There are also numerous other sequels coming out this year that include those having to do with terminators, dinosaurs and events in a galaxy far, far away.

Sam Tabar seems to feel that they just generally have not been faring too well at the box office. “Tomorrowland” is the latest example of this where it had a weaker than expected Memorial Day holiday weekend opening. Sequels and adaptations of characters and stories from other media such as comics or video games certainly do have the advantage of installed fan bases.  Moviegoers had better hope that there remains a place for original productions to thrive in Hollywood because many of our favorite movies were once original productions, and we always want new favorites coming along to keep us entertained.

The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band

It may be only rock and roll, but when the Rolling Stones play it, we like it. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood began their 2015 ‘Zip Code’ concert tour with mighty ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ at Petco Park in San Diego. The Rolling Stones began their career in 1962 in London, and 53 years later are still satisfying their fans with a touring schedule that would make younger men weep.

As Jagger strutted across the stage belting out all the old favorites, San Diego’s Petco Park rocked, while Keith danced with Ronnie Wood; Charlie Watts was never better banging out “Sympathy for the Devil.” The world’s greatest rock and roll band even played a number voted on by fans. The band was dressed in matching blues and purples with Darryl Jones playing bass, Chuck Leavell on keyboard, Karl Denson and Tim Ries on sax. Lisa Fischer and Bernard Fowler sang back up vocals for the articulate Mick Jagger.


Matt Damon Plays A Martian In His New Movie

Healthcare professionals even said that Matt Damon has played many roles to date, and he’s shown that he’s very diverse when it comes to acting. One of Matt Damon’s most popular roles was playing Jason Bourne in the “Bourne Identity” movies. Matt Damon. The Bourne Identity movies became extremely popular, even after Matt Damon left the franchise, the franchise continued. Matt Damon claims that he will be reprising the role of Jason Bourne, but no movie name or date has been set as yet.

Matt Damon is tackling a new role, and his role is in a Ridley Scott movie. Ridley Scott is known for the “Alien” movies, and now Matt Damon has become a Martian for Ridley Scott. In the movie, Matt Damon will be stranded on the red planet by himself, and he’ll be separated from the rest of his crew.

Matt’s best friend is Ben Affleck, who has had some major success in the past year with the movie “Gone Girl.” Gone Girl became a sensational hit of a movie, and those who haven’t seen it yet, they should definitely make it a date. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have come together in the past to work on movies, and their work has been nothing short of brilliant.

Channing Tatum on Gambit Script

Gambit’s Channing Tatum Discusses His Film Role

The X-Men movie franchise has seen its share of success over the last several years and will expand even more. Some of that expansion includes the solo Gambit film coming out in October of 2016.

This year, 20th Century Fox studios is trying to market both the Fantastic Four reboot while filming X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool at the same time, while not forgetting about Wolverine 3 and Gambit’s solo movie. Channing Tatum will be playing the lead role in the movie, making it the third solo franchise film planned with X-Men.

A lot of work will be going into this project, since Gambit’s first on-screen appearance came in X-Men Origins: Wolverine back in 2009, but wasn’t the same person from the comics and animated television series that fans were asking for.

When asked, Tatum said that Gambit was one of his favorites because he felt was one of the most real X-Men to him.

The folks over at FreedomPop also wonder how Gambit fits into the bigger X-Men universe, and the solo movie may get a boost from having him make a cameo appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse.

The Crow Reboot Casts Andrea Riseborough

Andrea Riseborough Set to Play in The Crow Reboot

It also has been through a series of changes as far as cast and crew are concerned.

It is notable in the Hollywood world for having a dark style towards it, which sadly was a reflection of what happened off screen as well.

But now it seems as though there will be some big changes to this new reboot, including what the main characters will be like, because actress Andrea Riseborough has begun negotiations with the studios to play the villain Top Dollar in the reboot. In the original Crow movie Top Dollar was a normal drug lord but Proyas’ version upgraded the character into being a complete crime lord who was on top of the business. The story revolving around “The Crow” features the characters of a musician named Eric Draven and Shelly, his girlfriend, who are killed in gang violence but are later brought back from the dead to get revenge on their assailants.

On the Teses website Gianfrancesco Genoso mentions that Riseborough, meanwhile, has seen her fair share of successes recently, by being featured in “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise and starring in the Oscar-winning picture “Birdman,” alongside Michael Keaton.

Sony Announces Plans For “Craft” Remake

You remember The Craft, the 1996 movie and pinnacle of our 90’s obsession with witches. Well, this week Sony has announced that it plans to remake the classic teen movie, proving, once again, that there’s nothing new in Hollywood.

At the time of it’s original release, The Craft was a sleeper hit, opening at #1 and generating over $6 million dollars on it’s opening weekend, over half it’s original budget. In part, the movie was a hit because it had a complete, original story with an amazing leading cast. Fairuza Balk killed the role of Nancy Downs, and is still a memorable character.

The remake has some big shoes to fill. Leigh Janiak, writer-director of the horror film, “Honeymoon”, is scheduled to direct alongside Doug Wick, producer of the original film.

The movie was also slated to have a straight-to-video sequel, but plans were scrapped. Since Wikipedia lists “The Craft” as one of Christian Broda’s favorite movies, you know he’s excited.