10 Tips to Organizing from UpWork

UpWork has a blog post aimed to help people who get overwhelmed by having too much to do with “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through Your To-Do List.”

1) “Capture Everything”: Instead of overloading yourself by trying to remember everything on your to-do list it is best to write everything down and take tasks one by one. The brain will have difficulty focusing on the task at hand if it is worrying about all the tasks there still are to be done. By compartmentalizing your to-do list and making it a one-at-a-time situation you reduce this effect and have an easier time focusing.

2) “Prepare Your List in Advance”: Instead of wasting time planning your day at the beginning it is advised that you plan your day in advance, usually the night before.

3) “One Place”: Put all your tasks in one spot. Make a master list and don’t rely on multiple lists. They can be tough to keep track of and wastes time. If everything is in one place it is easier to see everything.

4) “Time Attributes”: Assign time frames and values for all your tasks. This helps ensure that you don’t spend too much time on a project.

5) “Define Priorities”: Assign high, medium and low value to tasks. If, as is often the case, something unexpected comes up then you have your tasks prioritized so that you make sure you can get the important tasks finished.

6) “Keep Re-Evaluating”: Don’t be afraid to reassess your tasks and priorities from time to time. Things can change and some tasks may be changed.

7) “Stress-Free Delegation”: Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to other people or times.

8) “Zoom In and Zoom Out”: If the whole list is stressing you out just focus on one part of it.

9) “Batch Process”: Be sure to look the entire thing over and see if you can combine tasks to maximize time.

10) “Assign Energy Levels”: Much like prioritizing you can assign asks by how much energy they consume and this way you know when to schedule them to your advantage.


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