QNET’s Overseeing Projects that Aims at Providing Clean Water to Primary School Students

QNET is an exceptional company succeeding in direct selling industry and cementing a top position in the modern philanthropy arena. Our focus is to make the community better through funding several community-based projects. We encourage our employees to volunteer in various community activities. Recently, we proceeded with our philanthropic efforts by providing water storage amenities […]

Wen by Chaz Enhances Fine Hair

Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner earned another loyal user in an editor for Bustle. After seeing the famous Wen by Chaz infomercials for years and craving the same gorgeous locks she saw women enjoying from just one use of the miraculous cleansing conditioner product, she sought out to try the cleansing conditioner for herself. To […]

Dick DeVos Shapes Education, Politics, and Society

Inside Philanthropy recently featured Dick DeVos in an article explaining his life and career. The article begins with a discussion on how Richard Devos earned his fortune. In particular, the article described that Richard DeVos earned his wealth through “direct marketing” schemes. While “direct marketing” schemes are a controversial topic, the article handled this controversial […]

George Soros Foresees Another Global Market Collapse Brewing!

Years after world economies collapsed, liberal Democrat supporter George Soros compares today’s chaotic financial markets to that of 2008. While this troubling reality worries him, the multi-billionaire hasn’t lost hope. The news giant Politico is among the mass media outlets trending George Soros pledge of $6 million. He’s among crusaders endorsing Hillary Clinton for president […]