The Old with the NuoDB

Welcome to preparation for the new times with NuoDB database cloud technology. This database company is using old principles in the present to help further the effectiveness for the future. Getting ready to drive the market? NuoDB cloud technology expands upon the principles from 12 rules of relational databases as set by IBM computer scientist Edgar F. Codd’s by creating stable availability, fluidity, and consistency when processing transactions or updating database records.

This application of the cloud from NuoDB helps to keep pace with the business world today. The NuoDB cloud database is champ; in that, it can build upon the foundation from its origins and the origins of the cloud is versatile in its capability to modernize for future needs.

This product gives the availability of adding capacity if needed, has automated disaster recovery, ease of adding clients also new features, maintains transactional consistency, integrity of data and costs remain manageable. Plethora of business features are gained from switching to NuoDB.

Don’t forget the old way of things for the new. Give this cloud technology a jab and have the old streaming on to the future with NuoDB.

A Review of JHSF’s Transformational Real Estate Developments

Brazil has been experiencing an unprecedented real estate boom. This growth is largely driven by the burgeoning middle class and the presence of highly successful real estate companies such as JHSF. The Sao Paolo-based property firm has been in business for more than 4 decades. During this time, it has cut a niche for itself in the property market for being the brains behind some of the most exciting real estate developments. JHSF develops and manages high-end residential apartments, luxury hotels, shopping malls, and an executive airport.


Shopping Malls

JHSF has been developing and managing shopping malls for more than 13 years. Its impressive portfolio includes Shopping CidadeJardim, Shopping Metro Tucuvuri, Catarina Fashion Outlet, Shopping Ponta Negra, and Shopping Bela Vista. These outlets are located in Sao Polo, Manaus, and Salvador. They have gained the reputation of offering clients an unforgettable shopping experience.


Mixed-Use Projects

JHSF has similarly become renowned for undertaking a string of luxurious mixed-used developments that incorporate residential and office space. These include ParqueCidadeJardim, CidadeJardim Corporate Center, Fazenda Boa Vista Ranch, ResidênciaCidadeJardim, and Fasano Country Hotel. The firm endeavors to ensure that its projects are linked with internationally recognized brands. This is why it has managed to remain profitable in the face of stiff competition from other players in the market and more information click here.


José AuriemoNeto’s Résumé

Mr. Jose AmriemoNeto is the chairman and CEO of JHSF Group. He has been the brains behind the immense success that JHSF has experienced over the past two decades. Since joining the firm in 1993, he has participated in decision-making processes that have enabled it to become one of the leading lights in Brazil’s property market.

Jose is an engineer by profession having studied at Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University. At JHSF, he chairs the board besides coordinating and supervising all the development projects that the company undertakes and what Jose knows.


Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Makes Headlines With Innovative Program For Cancer Patients

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is making headlines again this year. The organization was recently headlined in an article that was published on The article was published in February. It discusses the latest program the hospital is using to help streamline cancer treatment processes.

The program is called Clinical Pathways. It is an unique program that helps to streamline all the available data for the various types of cancer treatments available for patients. This program will allow oncologists to help patients choose the appropriate course of treatments for their individual case. The program will give patients the various treatments available and a comparison so they can make an informed decision.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America teamed up with two other companies to create, and produce, this leading edge, interactive, program. The companies that were involved with this project were Allscripts and NantHealth, Inc. Allscripts is a leader in healthcare information technological solutions for clinical, financial, and operational departments. NantHealth, Inc., is part of the NantWorks family of organizations. The company provides scientific based, personalized healthcare to hospital patients.

It is no wonder that the CTCA is the first group of hospitals in the United States to use this type of interactive program. The CTCA was founded in the late 1980s by Richard J. Stephenson, who had lost his own mother to cancer. The goal of this organization has always been to offer cancer patients the latest and best treatment options available.

The CTCA has earned many accreditation and awards in the last 30 years since its inception. These include 5 star quality ratings by US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Top Performer on Key Quality Measures, and National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancers. The Cancer Treatment Center Of America operates five hospitals across the United States.

Mike Baur Provides Excellent Working Conditions At The Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory provides an excellent facility for its clients to come in and experience a supreme learning environment. The location is equipped with all of the state-of-the-art it equipment that will be needed to teach the appropriate lessons. It is important for inspiring entrepreneurs to feel comfortable as they are moving forward to accomplish their dreams. Mike Baur and his team understand that the startup process of business can be very intimidating. The Swiss Startup Factory is prepared to provide a comfortable experience that allows each person to find their path.


The Swiss Startup Factory program is 12 months long. This is far more involved than other accelerator programs which are only 3 months long. Mike Baur and his team delve deeply into every aspect of creating a business. These processes include finance consultation, personnel management as well as sales and marketing. Every aspect of a business plan must be thoroughly looked over in order to ensure that money is not lost in unnecessary places. The learning curve of a new business is very expensive. The beginning stages are often where most companies meet their demise. Mike Baur understands this process and spends quality time with new business owners to ensure that they do not step into unnecessary pitfalls.


Being an entrepreneur represents freedom and control. These are the things that people starting their own business treasure. However, these freedoms bring great responsibility. The leader of a company will set the example that will create the company’s working culture. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to develop a narrative that will lead to successful working habits at their enterprise. Mike Baur understands that the hardest working person in every company is the person who had the vision for the company in the first place.


Mike Bauer began his career in the corporate workforce. He slowly navigated his way up from a lowly position to becoming a leader of a large bank. Mike soon discovered that his passion was for helping other people realize their dreams. So at the age of 39 he ventured out on his own and started the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike completed an MBA from the University of Rochester New York. He then went on to achieve and Executive MBA from the University of Berne.


Mike Baur continues to push hard and invest his time in new talent within the business industry. His personal work ethic is a dominant force that inspires others.


Brian Bonar is moving on up in buisness

Known as the leader of Trucept, Incorporated and is also a popular finance executive is Brian Bonar. He is known for having a background in buisness leadership and known for serving as a leader in the company Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian Bonar has been known as one busy buisnessman.Bonar is known for his technical background, which helps to make his background more understandable. Along with his other achievements in his life Bonar attended James Watt Technical College, which is where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. Then after that he went on to attend Stafford University at where he got his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian Bonar got his start working as a procurement worker for IBM and then continued on to be the Director of Engineering, where he was able to manage over a 100 other people. After Bonar was able to get plenty of experience in he was able to go on to start his own company called Bezier Systems.Some on Bonars specialties happens to include mergers and acquisitions. In 2000 Bonar happened to receive,in America, the Who’s Who award. Some of Bonars personal hobbies include spending time with his family, going golfing and also taking boating trips. Along with Bonar’s many other skills he also has skills in the development of innovative sales and also marketing strategies.

Bonar became the Vice President of sales and marketing for the Rate Corporation in June of 1989. It was only a year after that that he decided that it was time for him to strike out on his own and begin his own company. He then became the CEO and founder of Bezier Systems in September of 1994.He founded and was able to also help manage AMS Outsourcing, which is a company that happens to be based in Diego, California. This position was also in addition to him already being the chairman and also the CEO for Dalrada Financial Services. Bonar finally went on to take on even more responsibility in 2011 when he took on the role of being Chairman and CEO of Trucepr. Trucepr is a company in San Diego that helps to provide insurance products and temporary staff.

Anthony Petrello, A Unique Business Leader

Anthony Petrello and Nabors Industries are two inseparable entities. As the CEO and President of Nabors Industries, he has managed to take the firm to the highest level of success. Today, Nabors Industries is regarded as one of the most progressive and largest natural gas and Oil Company globally. The company headquarters are in Hamilton, Bermuda. However, when it was established in 1968, it was known as Anglo Energy Limited. Later, the company name was changed to Nabors Industries. The firm has managed to take its exploration far and wide around the globe, having explored oil and natural gas in the Far East, Middle East, Africa, and the United States. The company’s expansion success revolve around the management of the firm.

His work experience started in 1979 when he was recruited to work at Baker and McKenzie law firm. In 1991, he moved to work at Nabors Industries. He did not waste time, and Anthony Petrello experience commitment and drive to success made him appointed as the president of the company in the following year. Well along, he also became the deputy chairman. His great work and impeccable track record made him be named the CEO of the firm in 2011. It is worth noting that he once worked as the director of Today, he holds the position chairmanship of company. Furthermore, he is the acting director of Stewart and Stevenson, Hilcorp Energy Company, and Texas Children’s Hospitals.

Anthony has been at the top in gearing the company towards greater heights through his excellent skills in management. His success is summed up by hard work, experience, and solid educational background. He is one of the best students from Yale University, where he successfully attained MS and BS mathematics degrees. He went further and achieved another degree in Law from Harvard University. His sacrifice and hard work have seen him become very successful of late considering the money he gets. For instance, in 2015, he was compensated with a total of $27,512,939, comprising of bonuses, salary, and stocks.

He is a married man with one daughter, Carena, who suffers from periventricular leukomalacia. The condition has led to cerebral palsy, and this situation has prompted her parents to invest their money in research to find a possible cure. This treatment is also meant to help future children born with the ailment.

Cassio Audi – Brazilian Expert in the Financial Sector

Brazil has produced a vast number of experts in the finance and business sector. One of the most prominent specialists in the banking industry of Brazil is Mr. Cassio Audi.

Mr. Cassio Audi became an integral part of his line of work in the year of 1991. He has been a dedicated banker and financial advisor ever since. In 1991, Mr. Cassio Audi completed his higher education and took the first steps in his career in the sector of finance. His first position was at J P Morgan Chase where he worked at for a few years as a trader. His next occupation was at the business of DOW Chemical as a senior financial analyst. After that, Mr. Cassio Audi worked at companies such as Gillette, Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners, as well as Rossi, and a few other establishments. The positions that he has most often been occupying has been the one of Chief Executive Officer. A vast number of institutions have put their trust into the skillful hands of Mr. Cassio Audi.

During his study years, Mr. Cassio Audi used to be a part of a heavy metal band under the name of Viper. He was the drummer of the band. Viper put out a few studio albums as well as a documentary that the band members produced on their own. The band was not very consistent with their presence at the music scene. The band members were assembling the band on and off in intervals of two years.

Mr. Cassio Audi has been a part of the financial sector since 1991. He has developed many skills over the years. He is a seasoned financial analysist as well as a leader. Mr. Cassio Audi has also been very skillful at creating financial plans as well as implementing new additions to financial systems.

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Visionary Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly came from humble beginnings of pumping fuel at a gas station in New Jersey to working on Wall Street with the elite. After winning the prestigious investments competition put on by the Templeton Foundation, he decided to retire so he could spend more time with his family.

Now helping every day people become successful investors with the newsletters he founded; Profits Unlimited and Extreme fortunes, he hardly considers himself retired.

Though his beginnings may be fairly humble, he’s certainly come a long way. Starting his career in 1991 he quickly became successful dealing in million dollar accounts. In his winning experience for the investments competition he turned 50 million into 88 million during the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis.

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Paul Mampilly credits some of his philosophies to his success, including his ability to change as needed and to consider how he could be wrong. As an early riser, he wakes up each morning with the same routine around 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. and studies the current market situations in the U.S. Canada, and the world. Paul focuses on the stocks in his three trading services and monitors his portfolio tracker throughout the day.

He writes what he thinks will be a winning stock. Each stock he picks, he puts in a lot of time studying first. The way he presents the stock pick is effected by how he puts himself in the readers shoes. Understanding of his reader’s perspectives and offering example scenarios for the readers to follow gives him the upper hand. He particularly loves the concept of internet mega trend and millennial mega trend, as both trends are booming and he believes they will only grow.

Paul stays grounded with his ability to look at things from other perspectives, avoiding tunnel vision and puts his customers ahead of himself and his own financial gain, proving his recipe for success.

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ClassDojo Making Learning Exciting and interactive


ClassDojo has managed to raise 21 million Dollars in a Series B round of project funding for the tech links educators to students’ parents and help them communicate consistently about the students’ activities, behavior and social development at school.

Round the clock communication throughout the year and more so during school days will help parents get constant information of what their kids are up to. Such communication will help in discussing issues that are rather only discussed once a semester in parents’ teachers’ meetings.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who are the cofounders of ClassDojo reported that the company closed the round in late 2015. They are using the capital to grow the team and find out what kind of features and content will be useful to the parents that use the app. The use is for both school and home.

With this new projects parents will be able to give or enhance their children learning and development at school. ClassDojo is used by teachers to make daily activities that parents are aware of usually on a daily basis. Parents also get videos and photos of their children’s work and activities from teachers via the ClassDojo app.

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and the aim of the app was to create a platform where teachers, students and parents would interact with simplicity. The app is easy to use and has created a community for all.

The app is today used by over 85,000 schools in the United State. ClassDojo does not make money with user’s data to protect every child’s privacy rather they plan to create premium content that parents will pay to use.

ClassDojo is significant and is today being used to for students, teachers and parents’ collaboration. It is projected that ClassDojo user growth will increase to the same level as the big social network messaging platforms.

ClassDojo an easy way for teachers and students to interacts and get encourage them while at the same time sharing these best moments with parents. ClassDojo mission is to transform the traditional classroom and create an environment where teachers, students and parents closer together. ClasDojo enables communication to take place as well as motivate students to engage with their parents. The platform encourages students as it eliminates the boredom of an ordinary class and makes learning more exciting. With ClassDoja classes have become positive places with happier and motivated learners.

ClassDojo is driven by what teachers and parents need.

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Through Advanced Treatment

The field of medicine is quite extensive, majorly because the human body is susceptible to wide range ailments. Moreover, the complexity of the human body is so enormous. One of the most important areas of the human body is the nervous system. This system helps to manage the normal body functionality. The system carries out coordination through the sending and receiving of necessary signals from various parts of the body.

Therefore, any malfunction in the nervous system can adversely affect the critical functions of the body. Under the field of neurology, there is DR. Gopal Vasishta, who has a very deep knowledge on matters of the neural function within the body. Apart from the know-how, he is also very experienced in neurology since he has specialized in this area for more than 38 years.

Dr. Gopal Vasishta, a certified Neurologist, has contributed impressively towards assisting individuals with neural problems at the Kennedy University Hospital which is located in Voorhees, New Jersey. Dr. Gopal Vasishta embarked on his postgraduate studies at Boston City Hospital and has pioneered research on various ailments that frequently end up affecting the neural system such as Multiple Sclerosis condition.

In most cases, patients who have been affected by this disease typically end up losing the ability to move around, due to the direct impact it has on the neural system. Multiple Sclerosis occurs, when the immune system which is meant to protect the body, ends up attacking the Nervous system resulting in the hardening and malfunctioning of various body sections.

Previous research undertaking into the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, which was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergies, has resulted in uncovering a new mode of therapy. In this case, patients are given High Doses of Immunosuppressive Therapy. Additionally, transplanting the stem cells of the affected patients significantly helps to counter the effects of Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Gopal Vasishta has high hopes with regards to the new method of treatment, since it offers patients with a second chance to live a normal life.