Reading is a Summer Getaway When You Own Your Own Books

During summer break students are often faced with unstructured time and limited choices to keep their reading skills sharp. The students at PS11 or the William T. Harris School in New York often fall into that category as do many others.


In spite of the summer reading programs at public libraries, there are many families that do not have access to them. This may be due to location or parental time issues. Buying books may be out of the budget for some. Studies show, however, that when children have their own books, and choose those books themselves, they will be more likely to read. Summer reading is essential to allow students to maintain their hard won skills. It is discouraging to take a summer off and lose a grade level or more due to lack of use.


Sandy Chin, mother of two, had a big goal. Her son is a student at PS11. Chin and other volunteers, held a book drive. The plan was to have enough free, used books donated to give every kindergarten student at least one book to have and read over the summer. The drive was a huge success, bringing in over 3,000 books at all reading levels. Every student in the school was able to select summer reading books of their own.


PS11, on New York’s West side is a diverse school, with families of all income levels. It has an active parent base that raises enough funds to provide students with school supplies each year. The summer book drive, headed up by Sandy Chin is another way to support families.


Sandy Chin has over twenty years in the financial sector, as a successful hedge fund manager. She now runs her own hedge fund company, Tidal Bore Capital. Sandy holds a BA in political science from Barnard College, Columbia University. Her MBA is from NYU’s Stern School of Business. Her love of books and reading she gained from her childhood.


Sandy Chin used her leadership skills to give back to her community and bring families together to appreciate reading and share with the students of PS11. Learn more about Chin on LinkedIn.













NeuroCore Pre-Workout Formulation: Gain Energy and Power to Workout

NeuroCore MuscleTech is a super-concentrated, pre-workout formula that lets users experience every bit of your intense workout. Not only does it enhance your mental focus, but also gives you the energy to overcome your sluggish days. You work-rate spikes and you get a long-lasting reaped body. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

This super-concentrated stimulate is recommended for adult males and females who’d love to maximize their exercising routine with extra energy and power. For ultimate results, take the formulation 30 minutes before the workout sesh. To experience full results, users are urged to mix 2 scoops with 300 ml of water followed by high water intake to avoid hydration.

Why use the same NeuroCore Formulation Each Time?

The NeuroCore workout stimulant has the capability to enhance brain functions and alleviate stress, anxiety, ADHD, migraines, depression and lack of sleep. That goes a long way in maintaining balanced mental energy.

NeuroCore’s MuscleTech brings together science and technology, to boost the brain performance stations, enabling you to expand the limits of your mental powers.

Additionally, NeuroCore keeps an active social media presence, especially on Twitter where the company updates their followers on the best ways to lead healthier lives and maintain apt brain functions. NeuroCore seems to be a great alternative to providing a solution to the root cause rather than the band-aid doses provided by neurologists and psychiatrists. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

How Heather Parry Operates

How can Héather Parry, president óf Live Nation Próductions, operate? A telling case in point will come in response to an issue about how exactly her company bécame associated with “A Star is Born, ” the Bradley Coopér and Lady Gága vehicle that’s already one of the primary films of thé time.

“I find out Bradley, and when My spouse and I heard this individual would help it We called his agent, Dave Bugliari, who was simply about á snowboarding lift at that time, ” your woman recalls. “I stated, ‘How does Livé Nation try this video? We’ve sites and festivals and entente tóurs and each one of these resources and techniques we are able to assist you to a marketplace, ’ and having been like ‘I’m on a snowboarding lift!’” she jokes. “But to his credit rating, he referred to like me back and discussed to Bradley. I quickly popped out to a social gathering for Martha Stéwart in Bill Gérber’s house — hé’s among the manufacturers in the film — even though every person was speaking with Martha regarding hér dishes, I was inside the part selling Bill ón ‘A Superstar Is Born.

A Star Is Born

To put it briefly, shé’s such as a living LinkedIn profile using a relentless disk drive who hardly ever lets a chance complete, and shé’s helped bring thát strength to Livé Nation Production, thé film, and tv division of the live-entertainment huge, which this released silently in 12 of 2015. Since that time, the corporation hás proved the Mitch “Diddy” Spines documentary “Can’t Stop Will not Quit: A negative Bóy Story”; the girl Coo doc “Five Foot Two”; “Believer, ” about Think about Dragons frontman Dán Reynolds’ romantic relationship along with the Mormon religious organization and its own posture ón LGBTQ problems; the Eagles of Death Metallic doc “Nós Amis”; and also the scripted film “The Following Party, ” starring Wiz Khalifa, French Montana and Teyana Taylor..

Boraie Development Announces the Completion of The Aspire

Sam Boraie is an architect who has a special mission in his career. The businessman, who has had the chance to travel to various destinations of the world, is responsible for the numerous real estate changes that have been witnessed in New Jersey and its environs. The businessman is the chairman and founder of one of the largest real estate firms in the region, known as Boraie Development. The institution has challenged other companies in the market by bringing a revolution in real estate. Modern consumers, who are always interested in having the best residential houses, have all the reasons to smile because of the good services offered by the company. One of the biggest and most luxurious projects that have ever been conducted by the company has just been completed. The building complex, which goes by the name, The Aspire, is the perfect definition of a modern residential area.

The Aspire has now started to offer its units to all the individuals who are interested in living in a great neighborhood. Having been constructed by professionals who are experts in real estate, the complex has unique features that are not common in New Brunswick. People who want to get a unit in this area will enjoy more than just the ordinary amenities. First of all, the complex is very close to the railway station. For people who have to use the train for transport to and from work, living in The Aspire will be an ideal choice. Those who have their personal means of transport will also benefit significantly when they choose to live in this complex. The building took into consideration the needs of people who need parking for their cars, hence ensuring adequate space for everyone.

There are numerous social amenities for people living in The Aspire. Purchasing any item will not be a problem because there is a shopping store that has stocked most of the things that are needed in a home setting. After a long day at work, the people living in this area will enjoy a drink or two in the company of their friends thanks to the recreational facilities that have been set up. Families with children will have their share of good things too. There is a play area for children that has all games the children like to participate. The modern gym in the complex is like no other too.

“Closer” Still Breaks Ground Years After Chainsmoker’s Release

The Chainsmokers 2016 hit-out-of-the-park, “Closer”, has just netted diamond certification. The single, which was last certified in March of 2017 at seven-times platinum, has made the jump to ten million units sold. For those at home it is ten times platinum, or as the RIAA likes to call it, diamond platinum. Platinum LPs represent an album or single selling over a million units. Every time the single, or album, nets another million it is awarded another platinum LP. It is a very bit deal in the music industry, and a coveted accomplishment among artists. Seeing as how all three artists are only about two years old in mainstream time, this is a huge accomplishment to have. Alex Pall, Andrew Taggart, and Halsey all received plaques as well as a flood of kudos. The artists first revealed the news on Instagram via some posted photos.

“Closer” was first released back in 2016. 2016 is by far the most successful year for both the Chainsmokers and Halsey. For Halsey it was her breakout single and essentially made her career. For Pall and Taggart, it solidified them as artists, and forever separated them from typical EDM. The song was written by Taggart who also performed the lead vocals. The song is famous for its catchy beat and indefinite lyrics. It is the type of song that gets stuck in your head and stays there. The song does contain substance with an intriguing story underneath, but to fully understand what that story is takes some dissection.

Basically, it is the impromptu hook-up between a man and his ex after they accidentally bump into each other. It reveals the reasons for the break-up, the man’s drinking, and comments on their social status. According to Alex Pall the girl is from a rich family. It uses real-life instances to outline the central plot, which is mainstay of Chainsmoker songs. Pall and Taggart like to use their real lives as the framework of their music. Allows them to better connect to the audience. The song is a great mixture of the sound that made the Chainsmokers famous, the talent of Halsey, and the songwriting that set the duet apart.

Jason Hope – An Entrepreneur, Passionate In Helping

The philanthropic Jason Hope has invested in quite some occasions. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States of America. He has a great desire in technology and showing much care for society.

He is a former student at the Arizona State University holding a bachelor’s degree in finance. He elevated and got a Master’s degree from the W. P. Carey School of Business College. He has various professions in philanthropy, biotechnology, and investments. He involved himself in politics in Arizona.

Jason Hope made a pledge of $500,000 which is half a million dollars to the SENS foundation. The foundation was aimed at the fight of age-related diseases and the rejuvenation biotechnologies.

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The foundation has organize in developing and promoting accessible rejuvenated biotechnologies which handles the age-related diseases. He said that the foundation’s work in advancing medicine and approach to the developing world and the associated diseases was a great direction.

This would reorganize and shape the healthcare and the biotech industries. Therefore he said that he would support the work that they are doing for greater achievements to come.

The SENS foundation ensures that there is proper repair of damages that enables a normal metabolism instead of deadly pathologies that may harm the body.

Jason Hope being an entrepreneur in his career had a focus on the education, disease curation and scientific analysis and research that was done not only in biotechnology. He involved himself in the education system that contributed to the learning both in academic and co-curriculum activities.

The organizations that worked on disease prevention and cures made him get attracted to them.

Jason Hope has worked with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, the Tony Hawk Foundation True Colors Fund, International Foundation for Education, The Mark Wahlberg among other many organizations that he has worked with.

Jason Hope is a man who want to help the community. This is something that this entrepreneur makes many people know him not only in Arizona but also in the international world. He is someone to look at as a role model.

Learn more about Jason Hope:

Apology From Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Demonstrates Emotional Intelligence

The current CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie, made a public apology on the company’s website after having their company’s reputation compromised. Though said apology was lacking in some otherwise-critical components, the CEO revised it to make it more empathetic and sincere, yet he exceeded just that, and in the best possible way. Here is why Steve Ritchie is being labeled as an emotionally intelligent human for his actions on behalf of Papa John’s as a company.

Apologizing can be a difficult action for some, maybe even impossible. It takes guts to apologize. It takes even more guts, not to mention a strong sense of wisdom, to not only apologize, but to realize what wrong has been committed, and corrective actions to be taken to earn back the trust of anyone, whether individually or communally.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns‘ words were humbling because within his revised and public apology, he acknowledged that Papa John’s is a business that will not tolerate discrimination of any type, and that he himself does not tolerate the aforementioned as well. According to NRN, Ritchie also acknowledged that the company itself is a greater community, that the company’s employees are each individual staples to their respective communities, and that those communities are what make Papa John’s successful and keep them driven as a company. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the CEO solidified his apology by working with the company to create solutions to mitigate the company’s reputation. Ritchie mentioned that he himself would be leading the movement to improve Papa John’s policies and practices, to educate their employees on both diversity and inclusion, and to not only reestablish the company’s clientele but to foster the growth of it, going forward.

With that being established, Steve Ritchie has demonstrated exceptional emotional wisdom on behalf of Papa John’s. As CEO, he utilized mitigation to maneuver the situation, and was incredibly proactive as far as future prevention of similar situations. Check out Ritchie’s profile on

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Gulf Coast Western| Goals To Expansion

The Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 in Dallas, Texas. The company began its venture with the development, exploration, and acquisition of the gas reserves and domestic oil in the gulf coast region of the United States. Though their basis for exploration and lease acquisition is in the Gulf Coast regions, they also open their business to other areas of the United States.

The Gulf Coast Western has extended its business to Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Colorado. This expansion presents them with the opportunity to develop thousands of acres in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, their acquisition, exploration, and development of domestic oil and gas reserves in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Colorado allow them to be the Managing Venturer of Oil and Gas General Partnerships (also known as Joint Ventures). They have developed many drilling programs and have plans to build and expand their company in many more for years to come. One of their goals is to expand their development and exploration throughout the entire United States.

The Gulf Coast Western is widely known for their success in choosing prospects that meet their geological and geophysical criteria. They are strategic and purposeful in maintaining an open and transparent relationship with their partners. These relationships are built on integrity and honesty due to earned mutual respect. They have been able to acquire more than one thousand accredit partners all over the United States.

Moreover, the Gulf Coast Western is fully committed to supporting organizations that give back to the community. Each organization that it gives to specializes in building healthy communities and helping families and children with their health and overall wellbeing.

Some of the organizations they support are:

  • The Family Place
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • American Cancer Society
  • Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
  • North Texas Food Bank
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • Parish Episcopal for Children.

The Many Hats Of Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger is a very influential person known in the world of oil and gas, waste management and other industries as well. His father started Gulf Coast Western company during the year 1970. By the time Matthew Fleeger graduated college, he was equipped with the foundation to jumpstart his career. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, Matt spent his time working numerous jobs throughout the area Texas. All of these positions were held in the oil and gas industry. After proving himself to be a worthy asset for his father‘s company and other businesses he worked for, Matthew established his own company; MedSolutions. This company was founded in 1993 and serves as a waste management entity. Through the work and dedication of Matthew Fleeger, MedSolutions became a regional leader within its industry. He continued to build the business and eventually sold it to the industry’s waste management leader, Stericycle. The sale of MedSolutions earned Matthew a reported $59 million. The work that he completed here illustrated that he could efficiently start a business and build it into a profitable force.

After selling MedSolutions to Stericyle, he made his way back to the Oil and gas industry. This time he was the president and Chief Executive Officer Of Gulf Coast Western. The role that Matthew took on in this company sees him orchestrating acquisitions, dealing with mergers and general partnerships; amongst the many other duties.

If waste management and the oil industry weren’t enough, he has also had an abundance of success in the tanning industry. Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan are both companies that he helped establish. These two respective tanning companies has seen revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Nick Vertucci Discusses His Real Estate Investment Model And Book

Nick Vertucci is one of the most revolutionary investors in the real estate world, and he has written a book about how he thinks that people should make their investments. He wants people to get out of the old homes and middle class lifestyle that they once had, and he wants them to shift into something that will be better for them. Learn How Nick does his work, and find out how his plan can use cash to build a real estate portfolio worth having.

  1. Seven Figure Decisions

Nick Vertucci wrote Seven Figure Decisions because he wanted to lay out all the things that he believes people should do when they are doing all their real estate investment. He also wants people to learn that there are many ways to invest in real estate. He talks a lot about taking risks, and he shows how diversifying with an acceptable level of risk can be useful. Nick Vertucci can turn anyone into an expert if they follow his plan.

  1. The Academy

Nick Vertucci started his academy to teach people how to make the right investments, and he believes that most of the people who are trying to make money in real estate must learn a couple small things that could guide how they do their work. The combination of his book and many interviews makes it possible for people to learn.

  1. Conclusion

Nick has done a very good job of building a real estate education empire, and he has shown people how to make consistent money over the course of many years. The people who would like to have the best possible time in this field should read up on what Nick has to say before they start spending their money on their standing residential or commercial real estate investments.