Jurassic World is PG-13 Now

Back when Jurassic Park was released, it became so famous because there was screaming, running, tearing off of heads and general dinosaur related mayhem one would expect to see from a dinosaur park. The Velociraptors were, to some people, scarier than the T-Rex itself (remember the kitchen scene). Despite the movie being pretty scary for […]

IMAX Camera Gear Up for Infinity War

Apparently, fans loved Avengers: Age of Ultron so much they are already looking towards the next entries in the series Avengers: Infinity War Parts I & II. Studio executives surely are looking toward the next two films since the recent one has totally cleaned up at the box office. In order to ensure fans really […]

Martin Freeman Added to “Captain America: Civil War” Cast List

Despite the fact that the second phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will not be concluding until the release of “Ant-Man,” fans are already clamoring for details regarding Phase III, which begins with “Captain America: Civil War.” While many fans are debating which heroes will be returning and which will make their debut, such as Spider-Man […]

Netflix to Bring the World a Full House Sequel

Netflix really does deserve credit for pushing ahead with new online streaming content. Netflix seriously wants to challenge the status quo of cable television. Through offering programming via online streaming, Netflix may be able to do just that. The programs the DVD/Blu-ray mail order provider have made as given a green light to make perfect […]