Drink Volcanic Spring Water

Waiakea Water is a brand of bottled water that is currently enjoying a high level of popularity. The brand launched in 2012 and has found a great deal of traction among selective consumers, who claim to love its distinctive taste and high nutritional value.

You see, many bottled water brands have earned an unpleasant reputation with buyers. They advertise their product as clean, green, and healthy but then users start testing what is truly in the bottle and find nothing but common tap water. Waiakea water insists that they’re bottles contain something that is a cut above all the rest.

According to Charm City Beverage, Waiakea springs are located on the tropical islands of Hawaii. There the unique and robust environment produces a type of mineral rich water that is supposedly healthier and tastier than anything found in your local store. This is because the surrounding landscape is comprised primarily of volcanic rock. These rocks are formed from cooled lava flows and thus have a composition that is uniquely porous.

When ice from the mountain peak starts melts, these tiny gaps create channels that are perfect for directing water flow. The network travels down the mountain for miles and creates a naturally occurring filtration system of its own. Impurities and solid materials are sifted out through the pores while beneficial minerals are absorbed into the liquid. The result is clean water that is rich in electrolytes. Learn more about Waiakea water:  https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/waiakea-inc#/entity

When taken with liquid these minerals can affect the body in many positive ways, bolstering vital internal functions. For example, everyone knows that calcium strengthens bones and this water is full of the stuff. What many people do not know is that regular hydration is also good for bones as well. The additional moisture helps lubricate joints and keep them flexible and strong rather than brittle.

Water even helps keep the skin smooth and healthy. Without it the skin struggles to retain what little moisture it does have, creating wrinkles and lines that distort the smooth surface. Proper hydration also supplies the body with much needed oxygen which boosts everything from muscle development to cognitive function.

In addition to all these benefits Waiakea water is devoted to promoting environmentally sustainable production methods. They set an example within the industry by using bottles made from 100% recycled materials. At the same time, each liter purchased in the States helps the company supply draught stricken and deprived areas with clean, healthy drinking water.


Going Smart in Lighting our Homes

Lighting is an essential element in our homes, and we cannot do without it. To make a beautiful home the rooms must have proper lighting. With the advancement in technology, we have smart homes with smart lighting that is being controlled from our smartphones. The smart lights in our homes are made up of smart bulbs with wireless connections.
Current homes have smart lighting that is used for various applications such as water heating, lighting as well as temperature, especially during winter. Smart lighting and the LED lighting have several advantages as they are listed below.
1. Custom Lighting: Smart lighting can easily be adjusted to the desires of a homeowner, one can control the lighting to either dim or bright light.
2. Save Energy: LED and the smart lights are known to be energy savers. Their switches can be combined to enable the user to control some bulbs at the same time.
3. Save money: due to its nature of saving energy the LED and the smart lighting bulbs can reduce your lighting bills.
4. Installation: The bulbs are easily installed, and the homeowner does not need to have an electrician fix the bulbs they can quickly set them on their own.
Gooee is one of the leading companies that was the first one to offer IoT request to its customers. Some of the products they provide include governor and communication apparatuses, as well as detecting applications. Gooee integrates with other businesses to ensure that their clients get the best quality lighting. They distribute their services and products to commercial, retail, hospitals as well as other industry who use the IoT application.

$20 Unpaid Brunswick Loan Raises Questions

In May 2015, the Middlesex Improvement Authority defaulted repayment of $20 million loan and $1 million interest accrued. The loan was issued by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and has been pending clearance since 2005. The Improvement Authority has not been able to settle arrears for over five years, accumulating almost $7 million in skipped payments. The purpose of the loan was to bankroll the construction of The Heldrich, a conference center and hotel that would have 235 rooms. According to an article written and published by the Press of Atlantic City available here, the ideal behind the construction of the Heldrich is a model developed by the Atlantic City Development Corporation, which is a sister firm that was to oversee over $200 million in financing.

Both corporations are managed by Christopher Paladino, who is also the person behind the $20 million loan. Christopher confirms that the outstanding loan amount will be settled, but it will take some time before everything is taken care of. Since it was opened in 2007, The Heldrich has not been able to raise enough to settle liabilities and to finance its running. In fact, at some point the corporation was forced to contribute $776, 000 to cater for basic items like mattresses and carpets.

About Devco

The New Brunswick Development Corporation abbreviated DEVCO is a private real estate development company that operates as a nonprofit. The company was incepted in mid 1970s and has since created a network of projects that are aimed at economic growth within the city. Devco has also won several awards, which include the 2012 Smart Growth Award for offering solutions that impact positively on the future. To date, the company has completed projects valued at more than $1.6 million in Brunswick, thereby creating a robust and ground breaking platform for business and settlement.





Things You Should Know about Online Reputation Management

The Search Fixers are an online reputation management company that offers numerous services. When it comes to reputation, reputation repair services have three composite breakdowns. They are protected and restore the online presence, build upon the online presence, analyze individual and brand online presence. When in need of these solutions, be sure to choose Search Fixers as the high-end solution provider in online reputation management.

Sometimes we wish that we could erase some embarrassing college moments from Facebook. Sometimes we want to delete a stream of negative reviews about your brand, product, and small business posted by customers. Have you ever worried about what employers will see when they search you online using Google?

Read More: Why Every Business Needs Online Reputation Management

We keep finding hat content oversharing in the main social media platforms is our downside as we increase in the online life. However, we have limited control over our appearance in online platforms. For one to damage your online reputation, they must find numerous negative reviews on the internet to succeed in their course. A good name is hard, if not impossible, to tarnish.

Why don’t people handle their personal online reputation?

When you think about this question, the anti-virus software is the best analogy that creeps into one’s mind. Because it requires extensive technical expertise, there are only 25 people in the world that can provide high-end anti-virus solutions to their businesses. For every product to be reviewed, many engineers work on them. They redesign products to fix the necessary changes. Online reputation management is the same. For you to set your profile and digital reputation, you need an online reputation management firm.

For this reason, other things require your individual effort. You should have a well-created and thoughtful LinkedIn profile. Moreover, you should have your name as your Twitter handle. Don’t write “ILovePizza” unless you trade in pizzas.

Most people overlook their problems. They think that the internet is fine when they don’t post their photos. However much the Internet can be of use to you, it may not work for you. When a company has a social media meltdown or bad reviews, it is evident that their reputation is at stake. This means that the managing individuals are at stake as well. Whenever someone wants to do damage to you, they first use the internet. Because of divorce, a former spouse can post negative reviews about your business online. If you fire back, you will destroy your company. In this case, an online reputation company will help you.

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Why Prison Families Use Securus

There has never been a better time for you to think about using Securus than right now. The reason for this is because an amazing technology has been found in the form of security and this is why so many people have been making use of it each and every day. The prison system can be very difficult when it comes to communication and this is why a lot of people struggle to keep in touch with their loved ones who are behind bars. It is important for you to consider this as a technology for you and your loved ones when it comes to better communication.


A recent press release was published by the GTL regarding Securus and it did contain several inaccuracies when it was published back in June of this year. Securus has recently corrected these inaccuracies so that people can have a better knowledge of what this technology can do for them. I have been using this amazing technology for quite some time and have been nothing but satisfied with the results that have come from using it. I feel it can help prison families all across the country as it has for so many others.


More and more people are realizing that Securus is something that can help them and their loved ones in the prison system. If you have been struggling to keep in touch with a loved one behind bars as I have in the past, it is important that you use the technology that is not only reliable but it’s also totally safe for you and your loved one. This is why it is so important for you to consider Securus because this is a top communication technology that is currently being used by thousands of people all around the world.


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Equities First Holdings Thrives On Stock-Based Lending Amid Change Of Lending Regulations

Conventional lending has been the choice among most people looking for funds to cater for the development of their projects, but this seems to have changed since new lending rules were enacted. In recent past, lending institutions changed their regulations, tightening eligibility criteria and increasing interest rates for conventional loans. These changes have pushed many borrowers to go for alternative sources of credit and the most reliable option they have picked is stock-based lending.


Equities First Holdings, LLC is a company that has been offering loans since 2002 and their lending options have relied on publicly traded stocks for collaterals. Following recent developments that saw many banks hike interest rates and change eligibility criteria the company has recorded an influx of borrowers, who have opted for stock-based borrowing to finance urgent projects.


There are a lot of benefits that come with equities lending that are motivating borrowers to choose this option. One is the fact with this form of borrowing there is no risk of change in interest due to inflation. The interest rates offered are fixed and despite the economic conditions, there is no risk that a borrower will experience changes in the rates. Most conventional loans do not offer such security since interest is subject to change with shifts in the economy.


Another aspect of equities lending that has attracted a huge number of borrowers is the non-recourse rule that allows the borrower to withdraw the loan at any point. Borrowers also enjoy better loan-to-value ratios and the loans do not offer as many restrictions as a conventional loan. As Equities First Holdings cites, most of the borrowers who have joined their system are people who had tried conventional borrowing but once they came across a better option they have vowed to stick to the alternative.


About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a financial institution that has been operational since 2002 and their main market has been stock-based lending. The much growth the company has experienced is as a result of the alternatives it has offered clients who are looking to finance their projects within a short period of time.


To date, Equities First has completed over 650 transactions and transferred more than $1.4 billion. The company has managed to attract more customers using their low rates and high loan-to-value rates that have ensured customers benefit in the process and have a stress-free repayment plan. As a global company, Equities First Holdings has opened offices in at least 9 countries across the world.


Contact With Equities First http://www.equitiesfirst.com/contact

IAP Worldwide Services Acquires Two Companies

IAP Worldwide Services is an international company that offers its clients a broad spectrum of solutions and service. Most of the services from the company benefit organizations, international government agencies, and the United States military. Today, the company is considered to be a leader in offering world-class seasoned program management. The global company on Google leverages and also integrates its capabilities to offer the clients innovative, safe and extremely reliable solutions that can meet the customer’s diverse and complicated situations.

IAP Worldwide has been serving consumers for the last sixty years. The corporate headquarters of the company are found in Cape Canaveral. At the moment, the institution operates in over one hundred locations and twenty different nations worldwide. The company has also maintained its offices in Panama City, Washington DC area, the Middle East and the United Kingdom. Individuals and governments who have worked with IAP Worldwide say that they received the best services from the enterprise. Many experts in the world have been offered employment opportunities by the firm too.

Just recently, IAP Worldwide announced to its clients that it had decided to acquire two new businesses. According to a statement from the company, Aviation and Logistics business that is found at the Oklahoma City will be part of IAP. The Tactical Communication and the Network Solutions business that is currently located at the Aberdeen Proving Ground were also acquired. TCNS is a company that provides logistics and mission support services, engineering and information technology services on jobs.net mostly to the United States Department of Defense and several other agencies in the country. The new businesses have unique capabilities and talent, and they will help the company in achieving its long-term strategies. Both companies will be integrated into IAP Worldwide.

The current CEO of IAP Worldwide, Doug Kitani says that the new acquisition will increase the capabilities of the institution. Thanks to the additions, more clients in the world will enjoy the services of the company. Kitani believes that their market will double in size in the recent future. Kitani also stated that the acquired businesses would be integrated to form a powerful unit that will be known as Aviation and Engineering Solutions.

The team at the company is very excited about the new additions. The communication, aviation and networking services from the new businesses will fit naturally at IAP Worldwide, making the institution expand its portfolio. The institution will be able to achieve its objectives easily after the new addition.

A Brief Look At Businessman Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman who is best known for creating the company United Communications Group which is often abbreviated as UCG. His other claim to fame is being the owner of both the Atlanta Hawks basketball franchise and the Atlanta Thrashers professional hockey franchise. Levenson is of Jewish descent and also contributes to many Jewish causes as well as non-Jewish causes.
Bruce Levenson was born in Washginton D.C. and grew up in a suburb of the city in Maryland. He attended Washington University in Missouri where he chose to major in journalism. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Mr. Levenson returned home to Washington D.C. and begun working as a correspondent for a local paper. Bruce Levenson also enrolled in American University at the time and begun working towards a law degree.

According to PR Newswire, Mr. Levenson graduated from American University and got his law degree, but he has never practiced law. Instead Bruce Levenson teamed up with his best friend Ed Peskowitz to create their own newspaper that highlighted oil prices, news and developments in the world. The paper eventually expanded, bought other papers and eventually became United Communications Group. Now based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, the firm offers in depth information and metrics on commodities such as oil, gas and metals. It also provides key insight into sectors such as technology, banking and energy.

Bruce Levenson is often remembered for taking over the Atlanta Hawks in 2004 and becoming the primary owner of the team. Under his ownership the Atlanta Hawks posted some of their most best ever NBA seasons in terms of wins and consistently qualified for the NBA playoffs. Levenson helped transform the Atlanta Hawks into a highly competitive team that no longer lingered at the bottom of the standings.

Bruce donates heavily to charities. He helped create the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. He also helps fund Birthright Israel and numerous Jewish youth organizations. Levenson is also involved in Washington D.C. charities that help underprivileged youth in inner city Washington D.C.. FO=or more info about Mr. Levenson, visit Wikipedia.org.


The Serious Business Of Securus Techonologies

On September 1st, 2016, Securus Technologies announced that due to the recent floods that plagued Louisiana, they will be teaming up with Louisiana’s Department of Public Safety and Corrections, to give those who are incarcerated, a free daily phone call. They are doing this so that the inmates can keep communications going with their loved ones, who may have ben affected by this catastrophe. Securus Technologies is extending these courtesies, until September 7th. They are hoping it will diminish some of the stress and anxiety they may be feeling during that time.


Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of the company said, this courtesy will cost them roughly around $300,000. The company will also give an additional $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund to help them. Securus Technologies is responsible for the safety of more than three thousand four hundred fifty Correctional Agency, law enforcements, and individuals. They also serve about one million two hundred thousand inmates, who are all over the United States. Providing emergency response, public information, investigation, biometrics analysis and so much more. Their aim is to make each every individual feel safe, as they go about their everyday lives.


Securus Technology is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. With regional offices in Allen and Carrollton, Texas, and an office in Atlanta, Georgia. To read more on this article, please visit: Securus to Offer Free Call Due to Recent Floods

Why You Should Avoid AirBnB

AirBnB is growing in popularity around the country. This website allows people to rent all or part of a person’s home for short term use, rather than getting a hotel room. Often this allows travelers to get a better feel for the city they are visiting and saves them hotel costs. Many believe the benefits for homeowners are obvious. Homeowners earn some extra money, and they get to meet new and interesting people, but a smart financial planner always considers the risks as well. Opening up your home to AirBnB guests will make you some extra money, but you will be exposed to several risks. Learn more: http://hackronym.com/wealth-solutions-insurance-and-other-considerations-when-renting-on-airbnb/

When you sign up for AirBnB you are opening up your home to total strangers. You do not know what they might do. Unfortunately, you are liable for their actions while they are in your home. Everything from criminal activity to plain negligence could come back to harm your financial security. Tenants may even refuse to pay, leaving you with a huge mess and no way to recover your losses. You probably expect your homeowners’ insurance to intervene, unfortunately, that opens up another major can of worms.

Homeowners’ insurance policies are a great way to protect yourself and your family, but they often fall short. Most policies do not cover short-term rentals, including AirBnB guests. You probably will be held personally responsible for any actions taken by your guests, and those costs can add up over time. AirBnB has dealt with several high-profile cases already, so to protect themselves they started offering some level of secondary coverage. Unfortunately, this secondary coverage only kicks in once you’ve exhausted your resources. Basically, AirBnB’s coverage only protects them and you are left holding an empty bag.

Making extra money always feels right, especially in an incredibly tight economy, but using AirBnB to make money is definitely the wrong move. If you are looking to build your wealth, then you need a smart financial planner on your side.

Richard Blair has been in the wealth management game for many years, and he has become an expert on building wealth. His Wealth Solutions team provides all the advice you need to get your investments on the right track. They offer everything from adviser services to information on particular funds.

Now is the perfect time to start building your wealth, but you have to do it the right way. Contact Wealth Solutions today.

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